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7 More Fairtrade Facts

7 More Fairtrade Facts

A few years ago around Fairtrade Fortnight we did a blog post with 7 interesting Fairtrade Facts, so we thought We’d give you another 7 Fairtrade Facts! Choosing Fairtrade products helps to tackle the...

cycle of good workers and centre

Cycle of Good – Guest Blog

Cycle of Good was formed a little over 4 years ago via a shared loved of recycling, Malawi, fair-trade and the desire to educate children in one of the poorest countries in the world....

Anei Cooperative

Equal Exchange – Anei Cooperative

In 1979 three aid volunteers returned from Africa, and had seen just how difficult it was for small-scale farmers which were often plunging themselves into debt because of unfairly low prices they received for...