7 More Fairtrade Facts

7 More Fairtrade Facts

A few years ago around Fairtrade Fortnight we did a blog post with 7 interesting Fairtrade Facts, so we thought We’d give you another 7 Fairtrade Facts!

Choosing Fairtrade products helps to tackle the climate crisis.
When most people think about Fairtrade they will usually think of how it helps farmers and producers obtain a fair price for their products, or give them workers rights, but Fairtrade also h as the environment at it’s core. It is easy to separate ourselves from the environment but in reality we depend entirely on it, and this is becoming more and more evident when we see millions of farmers around the world being affected by drought, flooding, disease or pests as a result of climate change. Fairtrade is a choice for nature, and a way of farming that safeguards both humans and the environment. Fairtrade mainly certifies small-scale farmers who sign will up to rigorous standards, including environmental criteria such as, banning the use of harmful pesticides, protecting the natural environment, minimising the use of water and energy, especially from non-renewable sources, and making environmental protection part of farm management. Fairtrade organises training for farmers so they can learn how to grow in harmony with the local environment and avoid creating monocultures. This year Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 has a special focus on protecting the environment.

The environmental footprint of Fairtrade cotton is 5 times lower than conventional cotton.
Sadly only 13% of the world’s cotton is produced sustainably. Cotton farming can rely heavily on pesticides to control the hundreds of different insects which will attack cotton. Many of the pesticides are banned in Western countries as they are extremely toxic to people and the environment. This is why buying Fairtrade cotton is so important, the environmental and social footprint of Fairtrade cotton is five times lower than conventional cotton farming when we include the externalities.

There are now over 4,500 different Fairtrade products are now available to UK shoppers.
In the UK there are now more than 4,500 different Fairtrade certified products for sale in the UK, everything from bananas, coffee, tea, chocolate clothes, even gold! The first Fairtrade product available in the UK was the Green & Blacks May Gold bar.

There are 1,707 Fairtrade Certified Producer organisations in 73 different countries.
We had a similar fact in our previous post, back then there were 1,411 Fairtrade Certified Producer Organisations so it is still growing!

Our best selling Fairtrade product of 2020.
The Divine Chocolate coins are hugely popular towards Christmas! Even though we don’t sell them throughout the year they still managed to top the list in 2020, but only just, our second most popular Fairtrade product, Cafedirect Machu Picchu Ground Coffee was not far behind at all!

Divine Milk Chocolate Coins

One in three bananas sold in the UK is Fairtrade.
Make sure you choose Fairtrade next time you are at the green grocers or supermarket! Bananas are one of the success stories of Fairtrade, the first Fairtrade bananas to be sold in the UK arrived in the year 2000. Fairtrade has helped banana farmers, 96% of banana smallholders surveyed in Colombia said that their economic situation had improved since joining Fairtrade. These farmers reported an average 34% increase in income because of Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Bananas

Fairtrade addresses Gender Equality.
Fairtrade is helping to challenge the gender gap, enabling women to stake their claim and succeed on their own terms.
Fairtrade Standards are designed to prevent gender inequality, increase female participation and empower more women and girls to access the benefits of Fairtrade. Producer organisations must: Have no testing for pregnancy when recruiting workers, no discrimination on the basis of gender or marital status, Zero tolerance of behaviour that is sexually intimidating, abusive or exploitative and Programmes to support disadvantaged and minority groups, such as women.

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