Come on in to Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 - Coming 25th February to 10th March 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight was a great success this year so we are already looking forward to Fairtrade Fortnight 2019!

Ethical Superstore have been big supporters of Fairtrade since we launched back in 2006 when we became the first online store where you could buy a full range of Fairtrade products, we now sell over 1000 fair trade products!

In 2018 the focus was on supporting the farmers and workers who grow our food. Fairtrade has the potential to improve the lives of these farmers and workers, however it is a shocking fact that many millions of poor farmers don’t earn enough to feed their own families. In a rich developed country like the UK, as consumers we can’t accept the price for the food we pay does not provide enough for the people working hard to produce it. With Fairtrade we can bring this injustice to an end by ensuring the products we buy are passing on a fair portion to the farmers and workers.  

We have a great range of Fairtrade products from your favourite brands like Divine Chocolate, Cafedirect, Traidcraft, Ubuntu and Green & Blacks. We also love to introduce you to new Fairtrade brands and products which you can’t get in the supermarket such as Karma Cola, Lemonaid, Liberation, Ethletic and Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen. We also have some amazing Fairtrade offers coming for Fairtrade Fortnight 2019.

There are many ways which you can get involved:

Follow the Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade FoundationTo help spread the message of Fairtrade, make sure you follow the Fairtrade Foundation on Twitter Facebook and Instagram. The more you share the more you are helping to support the Fairtrade mission.
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Make your snack Fairtrade

Why don’t you commit to making your snack a Fairtrade snack? When you choose Fairtrade you are helping to ensure the person who grew the banana you are eating or the coffee beans used to make your drink was paid fairly for their work.

Tell everyone about your Fairtrade snack

Have a Fairtrade Feast

Fairtrade FeastWhy not invite your family, friends or colleagues to join you for a ‘Fairtrade Feast’. At work, home or just for tea, coffee and cake, or perhaps for a full on feast of Fairtrade treats as a tasty way to remind your friends why it is important to choose Fairtrade where you can.

Share your Fairtrade Feast pictures on Twitter or Instagram using #FairtradeFortnight and #FairtradeFeast.

Sign up to receive emails from the Fairtrade Foundation

Sign up with the Fairtrade Foundation to receive emails about Fairtrade events, offers and news. They will also let you know about when they are running petitions which are an easy way to contribute to the Fairtrade mission.

You can sign up to the Fairtrade Foundation here

Since 1997 Fairtrade Fortnight has been increasing awareness of the Fairtrade movement and Fairtrade products. The first Fairtrade Fortnight took place in Scotland directed by Barnaby Miln and campaigned to get every supermarket in Scotland to stock Fairtrade products. Fairtrade Fortnight spread to the rest of the UK in 1998 and now is celebrated in serval countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Events such as fates, fairs, Fairtrade food tastings, fashion shows and community, school and church events usually supported buy local authorities and governments.

Let's make this Fairtrade Forthnight  2019 even better than ever! Fairtrade Fortnight will be back in 2019 from 25th February to 10th March.