Beyond Fairtrade: Lemonaid & ChariTea

With more people opting to lead an ethical lifestyle, the soft drinks market is ripe and for the picking. Lemonaid Beverages are the Social Enterprise behind premium iced tea range ChariTea and sparkling fruit drinks range Lemonaid, set out to change the world one drink at a time.


By sourcing Fairtrade and Organic certified ingredients for their award-winning beverages, the company deliberately pays higher prices for the raw ingredients. Small-scale cooperatives employ ecological, socially sustainable farming practices. With the Fairtrade premium, local farmers can improve their living conditions and implement community projects within their local areas.

Beyond Fairtrade, an additional 5p from every bottle sold are donated to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation which supports people and communities to help themselves. That’s how “Drinking Helps”. Having raised over £3 million raised to date, the charity’s work focuses on parts of the world frequently disadvantaged in the global economy. Many problems in the countries of the Global South can only be overcome with the autonomous participation of local people. That’s why the charity supports projects which foster political, economic and cultural participation in the countries where the ingredients are grown.
More than 30 projects are currently funded by the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, from solar energy for the members of a rooibos co-operative in South Africa to micro credits for small farmers in Argentina and empowering women through skilled crafts training in India.


Fairtrade Drinks

Besides a strong ethical mission, all drinks contain only natural ingredients. Totally free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavourings, Lemonaid’s lightly sparkling soft drinks are made from the very best fresh juices, using up to 50% less sugar than regular soft drinks and come in three varieties: Lime, Passion Fruit and Blood Orange.


ChariTea’s clean-tasting, uplifting organic iced teas are made from freshly brewed loose leaf tea, which is refined with pure fruit juices and lightly sweetened with agave syrup or honey, containing no refined sugars and as little as 15 calories per 100ml. Choose from ChariTea red (rooibos tea with passion fruit), ChariTea green (green tea with ginger and honey), ChariTea black (black tea with lemon) and ChariTea mate (sparkling yerba mate iced tea)

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