Armchair Activist: #5 – Energy Monitors on a Budget . . .


In this current climate of the credit crunch, with fears of a looming recession, and with bills on the increase, it’s easy to see why people have taken to monitoring the amount of energy they use with a view to reducing what they can.

There are various makes and models on the market at the minute, claiming that they can show you all those silent but deadly energy guzzlers, and suggesting that they will help you cut your energy use and electricity bills.

So here are my Armchair Activist Top 5 Energy Monitors – one for every budget!

£10 – £15 Ecosavers Energy Meter is so simple to use – just plug it into the socket, then plug your appliance into it! You programme your energy cost and then it calculates the amount of energy, the cost, and the time amongst other things to keep you up to date with exactly what it takes to boil a kettle, charge a phone, make some toast . . .

It comes in at only £11.95 making it a great entry level energy monitor.

£25 – £30 OWL Wireless Energy Monitor is a nifty, portable, and easy-to-install option. All you have to do is clip the sensor onto your electricity meter’s cable and away you go! The manufacturer states that you can save 25% on your energy bills using this little device and it cleverly gives you instant information about how much electricity you and your family are using, how much it is costing and how much is potentially wasted as well as a whole host of other features.

It’s currently at a credit crunch beating price of only £29.95 at – you’ll save that money back in no time!

£35 – £40 Efergy Energy Saving Meter has been developed with ease of use and understanding in mind. It records electricity consumption and converts it into a monetary value, based on the cost price of your electricity. It has an internal memory and you can view your energy use over a period of time.

This currently comes in at a reduced price of £39.95.

£45 – £50 Eco-Eye Elite will help you save energy and money. It has a large display which clearly shows your consumption, both in terms of electricity, and financially. It has a memory function and supply can be analysed at regular intervals so you can check on how your energy reduction project is going!

It is on sale for £49.99.

£99 + Wattson Home Energy Meter is one for the energy reduction hardcore! It will not only save you money and reduce your electricity use, but will mesmerise you with its fantastic ambient lighting. It displays the amount of electricity you are using at any given time, through a clever system of colours and numbers – it gives off a red light when energy use is high and a calm, soothing blue glow when things are low – giving an added incentive to switch off that appliance! As well as this, it’s USB compatible meaning that you can download energy usage data, and go online to see how your efforts are contributing to the global effort against climate change!

This marvellous piece of kit is currently at a knock-down price of £99.95 (from £149.50!) at

So there you have it, a run-down of energy monitoring gizmos and gadgets for every budget (I hope!). Please do get in touch if you have any other energy reducing, money saving tips, or if one of the above monitors has helped you cut your bills and increase your savings!

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