European Bat Weekend!

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Yes that’s right, this coming weekend (30-31 August) is officially European Bat Weekend. So tear yourself away from your allotments, or from the big screen version of everyone’s favourite Bat, and get involved with one of the Bat Conservation Trust’s events.

They’re happening up and down the country and include bat walks, bat talks, and more!

Bats are fascinating animals and are the only true flying mammal. According to the Bat Conservation Trust, ‘bats are an important part of our natural heritage, and indicators of a green and healthy environment, so their future is directly linked to our quality of life and the quality of our environment’.

In the UK we are resident to 17 species of bat, but sadly, numbers have been declining the past century due to more buildings going up and less places for bats to nest. However, you can provide a safe and warm habitat for those great British Bats by buying a bat box online at EthicalSuperstore! It’s made from FSC Certified timber and can house approximately 100 Pipistrels!

So forget Batman, look after your local bats this year by investing the price of two cinema tickets in a home for hundreds of loveable rogues in need of your help.

Keep an eye on other green, eco-conscious events in your area by checking out the Guardian’s Green Agenda.

(Thanks to Mosdave for the photo)

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