The Wottle: The Revolutionary Eco-friendly Water Bottle

So what exactly is the Wottle…? This would perhaps have been a valid question a few weeks ago, but for the up to date, green-living, environmentally friendly eco-drinker, Wottle is the new buzz word.


For those who are not yet in the know, the Wottle is a brand new refillable water bottle, the inspired result of a collaboration between Brita UK and Orla Kiely, the prominent contemporary UK designer.

Brita proudly presents the Wottle as ‘the world’s first designer reusable water bottle’, intended to be a handy way to always have Brita filtered water with you when you’re out and about and on the move. And for fans of Orla Kiely, her signature leaf design is instantly recognisable, which ensures that this funky little bottle is fashionable too.

The only question which may need to be adressed is what other than its designer kudos makes the Wottle stand apart from your average water bottle, any of which are admittedly as refillable as the next container, pouch or tin can canteen…?

What we really love about the Wottle is that it is launching a massive campaign to encourage everybody to do their bit when it comes to reducing waste created by massively popular disposable water bottles. Back in February, the Mail Online reported on the Environment Minister’s estimation that us Brits throw away around 10 million water bottles a year, equivalent to about one water bottle per head, per fortnight, for the entire UK population. So although your average bottle is refillable, the unfortunate fact is that people just aren’t reusing or recycling, which really is bad news environmentally.

The Wottle can be seen as following in the footsteps of the highly sought after ‘I Am Not A Plastic Bag’ canvas tote bags created by prominent designer Anya Hindmarsh, which contributed massively towards the campaign against the disposable plastic bags. High profile designer Katherine Hamnett is another big name in fashion who is beginning to realise that organic credentials and sound ethics really does stir up public interest, and has brought out her own line of very recognisable male and female slogan t-shirts which shout out their ethical ideologies in print as well as in through their production methods.

With such high profile associations, this stylish little bottle is unsuprisingly being hailed in both eco-friendly and fashion circles as the ultimate portable water solution for 2008, not to mention for years to come.

So whether you fancy a Wottle for its eco-friendly and sustainable recycled and recyclable credentials, or are more concerned with combining your Brita filtered water with up-to-date Orla Kiely style, it really does strike us as a great idea.

The only question left now is: ‘Have you got the Wottle’?!?

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  1. MArk says:

    I think that this is a great design and perfect strategy to take. Plastic disposible water water bottles create huge amount of waste and landfill. Lets hope this message create an impact.

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