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Deep Clean the Kitchen with Bio D

0 Posted by in Green Living on April 27th 2016

Bio D is a UK based company that produces eco-friendly cleaning products for your home. The natural cleaning range is free from any nasty chemicals, certified cruelty free, suitable for vegans and comes packaged in part recycled and recyclable bottles. You’ll also be able to save money and reduce plastic waste with their 5L and 15L refills.

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VeganEgg is here!

0 Posted by in Food & drink, New Product on April 25th 2016

follow-your-heart-veganegg-logo-ESSOne of the biggest challenges for me becoming vegan is eggs. Now it’s not that I eat them regularly, but I love to bake cakes and biscuits, and sometimes I just really fancy some scrambled eggs on toast. So imagine my joy when I heard about VeganEgg, a dairy-free egg replacer that actually smells and tastes like real egg. It can be used in any recipe for cakes, muffins, cookies, quiches – basically anywhere you use eggs you can use VeganEgg, even in an omelette or scrambled!

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Allergy Awareness Week 2016

0 Posted by in Awareness on April 25th 2016

This week is Allergy Awareness week, a week dedicated to bringing attention to the issues faced by those with allergies and how they are affected every day. In the past couple of years I’ve begun suffering from hayfever, which in the grand scheme of things can be relatively tame when we compare it to food allergies and others that can be extremely harmful, but it’s still a challenge.


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Coeliac Awareness Week

0 Posted by in Awareness, Gluten Free on April 22nd 2016

9th to 15th May 2016 is Coeliac Awareness Week, if you didn’t already know about coeliac then we’re here to help! We have a wide range of gluten-free products helping you to eat better if you have gluten intolerance problems.

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Earth Awareness Day

0 Posted by in Awareness, Climate Change, Environment, Events on April 22nd 2016

Today marks the 46th Earth Awareness Day, a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection around the world. As the 50th anniversary approaches, the movement is working towards a huge goal – to plant 7.8 billion trees and they are starting now!

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Cafédirect: Fairtrade Coffee at its Finest

1 Posted by in Food & drink on April 11th 2016

cafedirectDid you know that Cafédirect was the UK’s first Fairtrade certified coffee company? In fact Cafédirect was fair trade before the certification mark was created, that’s how ahead of the times they were – no wonder they are one of our favourite brands.

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Spring Cleaning Hacks

0 Posted by in Inspiration, Living The Green on April 9th 2016


I often wonder if there is anyone who actually enjoys cleaning, because I know I don’t, and I will always welcome and hints or tips that will make any cleaning job quicker – especially if it means using as few chemical cleaners as possible! Take a look at some of the top cleaning tips we’ve rounded up so you can get your Spring clean done in no time!

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Make Bath Time Fun with Good Bubble

0 Posted by in Children on April 7th 2016

My one-year-old nephew is a real water baby, getting him out of the bath is a real task because he’ll have a mini tantrum! It’s really important to think about the kinds of bubble bath and shampoo we use with our kids because they have such sensitive skin and nobody wants nasty chemicals anywhere near their baby.

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Green People

0 Posted by in Beauty on March 31st 2016

In 1997 a new brand called ‘Green People‘ made it into some UK health stores. The idea came about in 1994 when the creator’s daughter had many skin allergies and eczema and was searching for a solutions or a product to help. Today Green People have many different products for men, women and children, these products help different people with specific needs. Here are a few products that show they try to cater for everyone’s skin needs!

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Divine chocolate fudge flan recipe

0 Posted by in Ethical Kitchen Recipes, Food & drink on March 29th 2016

Transform simple ingredients with this tasty chocolate fudge flan recipe made with a digestive biscuit base topped with muscovado sugar, cocoa powder, flour and milk. Created for Divine by renowned food writer Sue Ashworth.
Divine Chocolate flan recipe

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