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We’re Saying ‘No’ to the Unfair Tampon Tax

0 Posted by in Awareness, Health and Wellbeing on November 11th 2015

It’s likely you’ve seen a lot in the news about the ‘Tampon Tax’ recently, that’s because the House of Commons debated whether or not to bring negotiations to the EU to remove VAT from sanitary products – the movement was rejected by 305 to 287 votes.

The movement to scrap the tax on tampons and sanitary towels has been gaining momentum for a few months after a petition was started to try to get the Government to scrap the tax. We pay VAT on items that are classed as ‘non-essential luxury items’, but really it’s difficult to justify calling sanitary products ‘luxury items’ when women can’t choose not to use them – it’s simply not fair, especially when tax exempt products include helicopters, herbal tea, Jaffa Cakes and crocodile meat. The current tax rate on tampons and sanitary towels is 5% after the Labour Government successfully negotiated it down from the then 17.5% VAT rate in 2000, but EU legislation prevented any further reduction. Despite losing the vote to scrap the tax in the commons last week, the Conservative Government have promised to bring the issue to the EU and try to remove the tax.

natracare-productsA woman will spend around £18,000 on sanitary products in her lifetime – about £900 in tax. While saving £900 in your lifetime may not seem like much it is something, and it’s the principle. Taxing what is clearly a necessity for women is fundamentally unfair and unequal and we don’t agree with it.

That’s why we’ve reduced the price of all tampons and sanitary towels we sell by 5% so that you pay the pre-tax price and we pay the VAT. We want to make it easier for all of our customers to make feel good choices in all aspects of life, so you’ll find all of our sanitary products are good for the environment and good for you, made from soft organic cotton and eco-friendly materials. You can learn more about our feminine hygiene products here.

And don’t forget to sign the petition to scrap the Tampon Tax!

Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder with a New Range of SAD Lights

0 Posted by in Health and Wellbeing on November 2nd 2015

It’s been over a week and I’m still not used to daylight savings. The mornings are too dark when I wake up and driving home from work on a night makes me feel like I’ve missed the whole day! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, I love snuggling up in my bed socks with a cosy blanket and nice cup of hot chocolate, but the darkness is just exhausting.

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Limited Edition Fairtrade & Organic Coffee from Cafédirect

0 Posted by in New Product on October 24th 2015

Are you a lover of coffee? Would you call yourself a coffee connoisseur? If the answers are yes than maybe it’s time to try our Limited Edition coffee from Cafédirect. With each delivery we receive from Cafédirect, the speciality coffee will be different so it’s almost like being part of a coffee club, but you can choose whether or not you really want to try that particular coffee! Cafédirect choose only the best speciality grade coffee for you to taste, and it won’t be mass produced but rather harvested by hand then freshly roasted in the UK to capture the superb flavours.

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Feminine hygiene – why make the switch to organic?

0 Posted by in Health and Wellbeing on October 12th 2015

fieldMany of us are aware that the products we buy can have positive and negative impacts on our health and the environment. But how many of us have ever considered our monthly sanitary products? Given that women might use anything between 11 000 and 17 000 feminine hygiene products during her life, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to think about…


Surprisingly, listing ingredients on feminine hygiene products is not mandatory, and manufacturers often do not reveal the composition. In general, sanitary napkins and panty liners are made from approximately 90% plastic, synthetic materials, perfumes, colorants and latex. Meanwhile, tampons contain chlorine bleached rayon, and pesticide sprayed cotton.

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Skin Care to Protect our Native Woodlands

0 Posted by in Beauty on October 7th 2015

One of our favourite natural skin care brands – Green People – has recently partnered with the Woodland trust, producing beautiful gift sets packaged in lovely gift boxes featuring woodland animals that the trust works to protect. For every gift set sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to the charity so they can continue their conservation work.

There are four gift sets available – Facial Collections, Body Collection, Men’s Collection, and Hand Collection – each containing natural and organic cosmetics made with plant derived ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with absolutely no chemicals.

Green People is a brand that is passionate about high quality, ethical skin care that will not irritate sensitive skin or cause uncomfortable skin conditions to worsen. That’s why you’ll never find any parabens, SLS, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol or synthetic fragrances or colours on any of Green People’s ingredient lists, the same lists that won’t have any ingredients tested on animals. Green People are certified organic by three different bodies, so you know that this is the ultimate in environmentally friendly skin care.
But back to these beautiful gift sets, the Facial Collection is illustrated with a stunning barn owl and includes organic moisturiser, cleanser and exfoliator made with natural ingredients for a glowing complexion. On to the Body Collection that features a serene fox and contains exotic body wash and body lotion for extra nourished skin. You’ll find a tall, proud Stag illustrating the Men’s Collection which holds two body washes with different scents. Finally, the Hand Collection features a charming badger and includes two hand creams that will hydrate and protect hard working hands. With Christmas fast approaching, these are some great gift ideas for loved ones.

The Woodland Trust campaigns to protect the UK’s ancient woodlands whilst restoring those that have already been damaged and creating new native woodland with the help of communities, schools, organisations and individuals. We can think of a more worthy cause for Green People to support!

Read more about Green People here, and don’t forget that right now you can save 15% on the whole range.

Avoid the Plastic Bag Charge and go eco

0 Posted by in Awareness, Environment on October 6th 2015

Despite ridiculous headlines this week like ‘plastic bag chaos’, it’s really not. England has simply started charging 5p for disposable plastic carrier bags to discourage their use, albeit with some needlessly complicated rules.

However, for us the issue is not avoiding a 5p plastic bag charge – the bigger issue is about avoiding disposable plastic bags altogether. They use up valuable oil, end up in our environment, in waterways, and trap and harm animals and especially marine life. We need to call time on plastic bags! So what’s the alternative?

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Plastic: we won’t shop with it but we might stick it in our knickers

0 Posted by in Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Plastic Free on October 1st 2015

natracare-productsAs of October 2015 plastic bags have a compulsory 5p charge. Fantastic news since some 13 billion plastic carrier bags are freely handed out to UK shoppers every year, much of which goes on to pollute marine life and ecosystems while clogging up landfill. Once in place this bill will have a dramatic impact. But carrier bags are only one of the culprits in our plastic filled, daily routine; what about all those “hidden” plastics in our everyday consumables? Surely it isn’t time to sit back and feel smug about our environmental progress just yet.

Our fixation on carrier bags has allowed countless other plastic based products to linger quietly, unnoticed in the background. Not many people realize that one pack of normal sanitary pads is made from the same amount of plastic as four carrier bags! With the average woman using 17,000 pads in a life-time that adds up to the equivalent of 4,857 plastic carrier bags per woman. There are 30 million women in Great Britain, that’s an awful lot of plastic.

Picture the irony putting a pack of sanitary pads –  the equivalent of four plastic carrier bags – in your reusable shopping bag! The temptation is to throw our arms up in despair and give up trying. What’s the point? But as is the case with many plastic products there is usually a simple plastic free solution and it doesn’t have to be reusable!

Natracare’s pads and panty liners look and work like other products on supermarket shelves but are totally plastic free! Made from only fully certified organic cotton and natural materials, with no chlorine bleaching Natracare is the environmentally sound choice. Natracare Ultra pads are also the first feminine hygiene product in the world to receive an independent, scientifically validated, international Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which assesses a product’s life-cycle and how it impacts on the environment.

Next time you pick up you reusable shopping bag have a think about what other small change you could make that might just make the world of difference.


World Vegetarian Day and Veggie Birthday!

0 Posted by in Awareness, Environment, Food & drink on October 1st 2015

Today is World Vegetarian Day, a movement started in the U.S. which you can read more about on their website.
Vegetarian ranges from Ethical Superstore

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7 ‘Superfoods’ to try

0 Posted by in Food & drink, Health and Wellbeing, Superfoods on September 30th 2015

It seems like not a day goes by when we don’t hear about another ‘new’ superfood which is the magic bullet to becoming healthy. The truth is there is no one food, super or not which you can rely on to make you healthy. Being healthy is all about eating a varied diet and getting enough of each of the food groups and combining this with an active lifestyle. Sadly it’s hard to find genuinely healthy food at your local supermarket just because it is labelled as ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean you should buy a stack of it – many of these processed foods are lower in fat, but often this is replaced by sugar which can actually be worse for you. However being healthy is not just about your waistline, it’s important to get a good mix of nutritious foods which is why we’ve come up with a list of 7 what you might call ‘superfoods’ you might like to try.

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Ethical pets – find out about pet food and essentials

0 Posted by in Awareness, Health and Wellbeing on September 29th 2015

We’re big animal lovers here at Ethical Superstore, and I am probably the Dr Dolittle of them all. I know like me you want to give your companion animals/pets the very best you can. For me, that started with food.

Mainstream brands of pet food regularly contains waste by-products of industrial grain processing, vegetable pulp, non-nutritious animal parts and by-products which are deemed not good enough for human food, along with used fats and oils often from industrial food-processing units. Like millions of people, I was unaware of this when I first came home with my rescued cats and for a while this was what they ate – often being inexplicably ‘off their food’ or a bit sick. No wonder; this stuff is the equivalent of human junk food!

How can we do better by our loyal animal friends, then?

Lily's Kitchen ethical cat food

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