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Fair Trade: Is the Fair Trade premium worth it?

0 Posted by in Awareness, Fair trade on May 24th 2016

What is the ‘Fair Trade Premium’?

The Fair Trade premium is an extra sum of money paid on top of the minimum Fair Trade price. The money from the premium goes into communal funds which are for the workers and farmers. Together they may spend these funds in order to help improve and develop their environmental, social and economic circumstances.

FairTradeStats1FairTradeStats2FairTradeStats4 Looking at the Fair Trade facts surrounding this text we can see where some of the premium goes. Workers spent 24% on education; education is important whether it’s for the workers themselves, children or the whole community, it’s vital to improve communities and the people who reside in them. Small scale producer organisations spent nearly half of their premium on making their organisations stronger. Making it stronger will, for example, help ensure workers are paid and so good quality products are produced. 46% of cocoa producers did this, using the premium to improve their production, ensuring workers are treated fairly and the products are as high a quality as they can make them.

Fair Trade VS Conventional

Obviously at this point we know because of the Fair Trade premium that Fair Trade products aren’t the cheapest on the market, and of course for most people the price of an item does play a big factor in whether you buy it or not. But we must remember that these products are probably very cheap for a reason, either poor working conditions, cheap ingredients or both. Then again some products which are priced highly will also include cheap ingredients and/or poor working conditions. So why not just buy Fair Trade products to begin with, yes they’re a bit more expensive than the cheaper option but you know what you’re getting, a product made in good working conditions, with better ingredients. That extra money you’re paying is also helping the people who helped create your lovely product, what’s not to like!


FairTradeStats5Fair Trade Products

The table above shows the amount of Fair Trade products on estimate sold in consumer countries in 2014. It also shows the growth in sales. Overall, most of the products listed have grown in sales, Fair Trade gold in particular which has grown by a massive 295%. More people are opting for and accepting Fair Trade products. In the UK alone £23 million of Fair Trade premium has been generated from Fair Trade sales. That’s £23 million that will go towards helping workers, farmers, their families and their communities.

We’re not surprised as there are some great Fair Trade products out there, for example Equal Exchange was rated the best honey, tea and ground coffee by Ethical Consumer. Ethical Consumer also rated Cafedirect’s decaf instant coffee the best instant coffee, followed by their normal instant coffee. While in clothing People Tree organic cotton clothing was rated the best clothing. Fair Trade items really are the best in many areas.

So is the Fair Trade premium worth it?

After all we’ve discussed, the Fair Trade premium is worth it! You’re paying a little bit of extra money for a great product and helping the people who worked hard to create it. Think about picking up a Fair Trade product next time you’re shopping, give it a try.

Vegetarian Week Recipe – Gluten Free Fruity Flapjack

0 Posted by in Ethical Kitchen Recipes, Food & drink, Recipes on May 20th 2016

This Vegetarian and Gluten Free Fruity Flapjack is the perfect National Vegetarian Week recipe, and it’s also gluten free! From our friends at Delicious Alchemy, it’s a treat packed full of fruit, seeds and healthy oats that’s quick and easy to make. This week, we’ve got 20% off vegetarian products in store too.

National Vegetarian Week recipe for Gluten Free Fruity Flapjack

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Going Vegan is Easy with these Simple Alternatives

0 Posted by in Vegan on May 18th 2016


Going vegan means not only giving up meat and fish as vegetarians do, but removing all animal ingredients from your diet and lifestyle – including leather and beauty products. That means no cheese, no milk, no honey, no beeswax. Well, unless you can find alternatives! Thankfully more and more people are switching to a vegan diet which means more and more alternatives are becoming available, here are just a few.

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National Vegetarian Week – my favourite products

0 Posted by in Awareness, Food & drink on May 17th 2016

It’s National Vegetarian Week 2016, and I’ve been thinking about what my favourite ‘staple’ products are. Vegetarianism is nothing new to me (23 years and counting!) but I have friends and family who have decided to go veggie over recent years, and people often ask for advice. Here’s my Top 10 of favourite vegetarian friendly products, and why I love them! You can discover them with a fantastic 20% off this week.

National Vegetarian Week 2016 - get 20% off at Ethical Superstore!

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National Vegetarian Week 2016

0 Posted by in Awareness, Health and Wellbeing on May 17th 2016

logoThis week is national Vegetarian Week, set up by the Vegetarian Society to raise awareness of the benefits of vegetarianism, not only for the planet but also for your health.

Meat may provide us with protein and isn’t necessarily fattening when prepared, but eating too much isn’t particularly great for you, and the ways in which it can be cooked may be harmful to your health. Most people find it hard to cut meat out of their diet as it has become such a staple, but even trying meat free days can help (look at #MeatfreeMonday), and gets you on the right path towards going fully vegetarian – if you want to challenge yourself try going vegetarian this week!

Here are a few interesting facts:

  • Every day in the UK alone, more than 2.5 million farm animals are slaughtered for meat.
  • The first vegetarian cookbook in the UK was written in 1812.
  • The oldest Vegetarian Society in the world was formed in 1847 here in the UK!
  • A well balanced vegetarian diet is known to bestow a wide range of health benefits. Research has shown vegetarians to suffer less heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, various cancers, diverticular disease, bowel disorders, gall stones, kidney stones, and osteoporosis.
  • A 2006 study examining the impact of a typical week’s eating showed that plant-based diets are better for the environment than those based on meat. An organic vegan diet had the smallest environmental impact, but the single most damaging foodstuff was beef. All non-vegetarian diets required significantly greater amounts of environmental resources, such as land and water.

It’s never been easier to try a vegetarian diet, there are so many meat alternatives available and The Vegetarian Society have released a new recipe book to celebrate National Vegetarian Week full of delicious vegetarian recipes.

Visit the National Vegetarian Week Kitchen Table website for more ideas and browse our vegetarian products to help you make the change – you never know, one day you might even want to try veganism too!

Cake Pop Recipe

0 Posted by in Food & drink, Recipes on May 16th 2016

Delicious and dainty, these cake pops are something small and sweet to make on a relaxing weekend. This cake pop recipe should make about six to eight cake pops.



For decoration:

  • White Chocolate – 300g / 10.5oz
  • Food colouring – Only a few drops needed
  • Multi-coloured sugar sprinkles (optional, there are plenty of other options if this isn’t your thing).


  • 1: Rest a bowl over a pan of simmering water, without letting the bowl touch the water and don’t let the water enter the bowl. Melt the dark chocolate in this bowl.
  • 2: Crumble the two cakes into one bowl, add and stir in the melted chocolate, chopped hazelnuts and desiccated coconut. Stir until everything has combined together well.
  • 3: Once combined, roll pieces of the mixture into roughly golf ball size. Insert a stick into each ball, store in the fridge until firm – around 20 to 30 minutes.
  • 4: While the cake pops are cooling, melt the white chocolate using the same technique as you did with the dark. Stir in any chosen food colouring.
  • 5: Add the sugar sprinkles (or your decoration of choice) onto a plate; also cover a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
  • 6: Take your cake pops out of the fridge, dip and coat them in a layer or two of the melted white chocolate. Then cover them in your chosen decoration (e.g. sprinkles). You can either lie them on the baking tray you’ve prepared, or for a neater finish stand them vertically in a piece of styrofoam or a holder, so the cake pops set without touching anything.
  • 7: Refrigerate again until the chocolate has set – 20 to 30 minutes.
  • 8: Remove finished cake pops from the fridge and enjoy!

Making cake pops is a fun, relaxing weekend activity and fun for the kids too! They make ideal treats or favours for weddings too. Let us know if you’ve tried this recipe.

(Original recipe: Simon Rimmer from Something for the Weekend via BBC).

The Uses & Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

0 Posted by in Food & drink on May 15th 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar supposedly has a wealth of healthy benefits. We did some research and here’s what we found…

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Coconut, Baobab and Ginger Waffle Recipe

0 Posted by in Food & drink, Recipes on May 14th 2016

Who doesn’t love waffles? They’re great for both breakfast and dessert, they’re versatile too with a wild array of possible flavours and toppings, and just what do you go for? You’re spoilt for choice!


The waffle recipe we have for you here today uses Aduna’s Baobab powder as a rising agent, to make your waffles super fluffy, it also gives them a slight sweetness from the citrus. This waffle recipe should serve one, and makes one to two waffles, but this really depends on your waffle maker.

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Divine Chocolate and Pecan Nut Brownie Recipe

0 Posted by in Food & drink, Recipes on May 13th 2016

Everyone needs comfort food from time to time; this divine recipe is a little treat to brighten up your day. This scrumptious brownie recipe is tasty, rich and moist. They’re great as a snack or dessert, on their own, topped with ice cream, etc, the possibilities are endless!  This recipe should make nine big brownies or sixteen smaller brownies.


You Will Need:

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Vegolino is here!

0 Posted by in New Product on May 12th 2016

Vego chocolate was the biggest hit with everyone in our office, so you can guess how excited we’ve been since we found out about Vegolino’s existence (hint: REALLY EXCITED). Well guess what…



You can now buy these delicious vegan praline chocolates from us, and right now you’ll save 20% because it’s coeliac awareness week.

They are made with hazelnut paste which gives them a great taste that’s similar to a certain hazelnut and chocolate spread (that we also go crazy for in the office), but these pralines are completely vegan. If you aren’t vegan, don’t let it put you off, this stuff tastes like real milk chocolate, and they really melt in the mouth. Not only that, Fairtrade Certified, contain no gluten and are made with organic ingredients – these are among the most ethical pralines you could buy, and did I mention they’re delicious?

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy some now!

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