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Vegetarian Week tips – the hidden stuff

0 Posted by in Awareness, Food & drink, Health and Wellbeing on May 20th 2015

National Vegetarian Week - tips and ingredients to look for
New vegetarians will of course know that they don’t eat meat products any more, but there are several common animal products in food and around the home that you or friends and family may not be aware of. There can also be some misunderstanding about what vegetarians do and don’t eat, from restaurant chefs to family members.

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Get started with favourite vegetarian recipes

0 Posted by in Ethical Kitchen Recipes, Food & drink, Health and Wellbeing, Recipes on May 19th 2015

National Vegetarian Week - recipes
For National Vegetarian Week, here’s a couple of my favourite recipes to get you started – one is a great quick solution when you’re pressed for time, and the other is a great recipe taking advantage of delicious in-season vegetables which is perfect for a picnic. I always have some ingredients in the fridge and cupboard for a stir-fry, as it’s a great way to make a quick, filling and nutritious meal – even non-veggie family members will love it!

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National Vegetarian Week 2015

0 Posted by in Awareness, Environment, Food & drink, Health and Wellbeing, Sustainability on May 18th 2015

National Vegetarian Week 2015

You may have seen around social media that today is the start of National Vegetarian Week 2015 – so what is it all about?

The Vegetarian Society has a wealth of information and facts about vegetarianism to help you find out more, whether you’re cooking for veggie friends or wanting to switch yourself. People may be vegetarian for many reasons, including animal welfare, environmental benefits, healthier diet or religious beliefs.

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Get To Know LA Jewellery

0 Posted by in Get To Know... on May 15th 2015

la-jewelleryLa Jewellery is one of our biggest jewellery brands, and while you’ve probably already come across their exceptional range we wanted to take the time to really introduce you to the brand. What may look like a simple, beautiful collection actually holds a more meaningful story as LA Jewellery tries to add a small piece of magic to your world.

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Coeliac Disease Awareness Week 2015

0 Posted by in Awareness on May 11th 2015

Around 1 in 100 people in the UK suffer from coeliac disease and currently on average it takes 13 years to diagnose. I don’t know about you but I think that’s a ridiculously long time to suffer from an illness without knowing what it is, especially when the solution is simple – remove gluten from your diet. Right now there are around 500,000 people in the UK living with undiagnosed coeliac disease which is why it is more important than ever to raise awareness of the disease, its symptoms, and the simple solution.

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Marine Conservation with Natracare

0 Posted by in Awareness, Environment on May 7th 2015

Natracare Coastal Clean Up campaign

In line with Natracare’s great range of organic, natural feminine hygiene and care products which aim to leave the smallest eco footprint possible, they have set up a ‘Coastal Clean Up Campaign’ as a response to the growing crisis of plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans. By actively taking part in a local clean up and learning first-hand about pollution they hope that volunteers will become empowered to take positive action into the protection of our health and environment. Find out more and download their great activity pack, perfect for getting youngsters involved.

As part of their campaign, Natracare are making donations to the Marine Conservation Society with all plastic-free products sold during May & June – plus we’re giving you 5% off those selected products.

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Earth Friendly Products

1 Posted by in Green Living on May 5th 2015

earth-friendly-productsVan Vlahakis arrived in Chicago from impoverished Crete with just $22 in his pocket, managed to put himself through college by taking on odd jobs while he was homeless, and eventually founded his own company – Earth Friendly Products. The idea came after working for cleaning-product manufactures once Vlahakis had graduated, but during this experience he was exposed to harsh chemicals that caused headaches and rashes. He remembered his mother using natural products to clean their house in Crete and realised chemical-free cleaners could be just as effective as regular products without the harmful toxins, and so in 1966 he started Venus Laboratories in his garage.

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Disasters Emergency Committee: Nepal Earthquake Appeal

0 Posted by in Awareness, Charity on May 1st 2015

The number of those killed in the earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday has risen above 6,000, and millions more are still feeling the devastating effects. Whole villages have been raised to the ground, hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless and are still sleeping outside, and so many are still unaccounted for. It’s been difficult for rescuers to reach remote villages because they’ve been cut off by landslides and the weather is restricting access.


The Disasters Emergency Committee launched their Nepal Earthquake appeal just under a week ago and have already raised over £26 million – but they still need your help. We’ve supported the DEC for a long time, their work is so important in ensuring lives are saved during horrific disasters. If you’ve bought from us before you’ll know through our checkout you can donate any amount to one of the charities we’ve teamed up with, and right now you can choose the DEC’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal. So many people are living without food or running water, the things we do and always will take for granted, just a small donation of £5 will help.

This is an incredibly important cause to us as we have many Fair Trade suppliers who work with skilled artisans in Nepal. We’ve been reaching out to as many suppliers as we can and been receiving updates, thankfully so far there have been no fatalities reported, however many workers have lost their homes and for some that means their livelihood. Please donate whatever you can to the DEC so they can continue their amazing work and hopefully the citizens of Nepal will get back on their feet and we can keep supporting small business and local artisans in the area who create some really incredible products.

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Veganism Made Easy With Vegan Tuck Box

0 Posted by in Food & drink on April 23rd 2015

vegan-snacks-and-treatsFor months now I’ve been wanting to go Vegan, but I keep thinking about cheese and then changing my mind. The thought of completely removing animal products from our diets can be terribly daunting because it’s just what we are used to as a society and if something is made out to sound difficult then why would we want to try it? But there are people out there who are committed to showing us that we don’t need to give up our favourite, easy snacks – there are alternatives which makes it just that little bit simpler. Two of these people are Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade who founded Vegan Tuck Box together.

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Real Nappy Week 2015

1 Posted by in Awareness, Children, Environment, Green Living on April 16th 2015

Real Nappy Week has been around since 1996 and is now organised by Go Real to bring reusable nappies into the public eye and promote their benefits – not just for your baby but for the planet too! This year it’s taking place next week – 20th – 26th April.


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