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Loofah know how from LoofCo

Learn more about loofahs in this handy blog, guest written by the LoofCo team!

If you have used LoofCo loofahs, then you know that loofah is a quite miraculous plant! Loofah pads are the fibrous skeleton of the Luffa fruit, a tropical relative of the marrow. These open fibres provide a natural cleaning solution that also reduces plastic pollution in the home and waterways.

Not only is loofah great for cleaning and exfoliating your skin, it also makes a perfect washing-up pad and household surface scrubber. Unlike plastic scouring pads, it doesn’t contain any abrasives and doesn’t scratch the surfaces of non-stick films.

Prolonging the life of your loofah

It’s important to wash your loofah with hot soapy water, wring out excess moisture and air-dry it after use. Its open structure means that it dries quickly, avoiding bacterial growth. To speed up drying LoofCo loofahs, we’ve added a handy cotton hanging loop. Finally don’t forget to store them in a dry place!

For washing-up pads, make sure to shake out any food particles before you start the cleaning process.

Washing machine friendly

Loofah is very resilient and can be washed in the washing machine up to a hot wash. From time to time, you can even soak it in boiled water and bicarbonate of soda to be super thorough. 

Mix one cup of hot water with one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, add your loofah pad and leave for 15 minutes. Remove, rinse and dry.

Replacing your LoofCo loofahs

Providing you keep your loofah clean and dry between uses it will last for many months. At the end of its natural life it can then be composted.

We even have some happy customers who are still using their LoofCo washing-up pads after a year! Think how many plastic sponges that replaces.

Wishing you happy, healthy cleaning.

The LoofCo team.

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