Transform Trade

Introducing Transform Trade (formerly Traidcraft Exchange)

You may have seen Traidcraft Exchange in our emails and on our website and be well aware of their fantastic work, now they have changed their name to Transform Trade!

We have worked with both Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange for many years, for those that don’t know Traidcraft have been championing Fair Trade since 1979, publishing their first hand drawn catalogue showcasing jute handicrafts from Bangladesh. In 1986 the charity Traidcraft Exchange were created to work alongside Triadcraft to promote work with farmers, workers, collectives, campaigners, donors and supporters to promote a more people centred trade.

In 2018 the board split Traidcraft Exchange and Traidcraft plc into two organisations so they both had the opportunity to focus on their distinct but complementary missions and enabling them to go deeper and wider with their impacts.  To reach new supporters Traidcraft Exchange decided to change to Transform Trade, to avoid confusion with Traidcraft and to have a name that can instantly communicate what they are about.

The name was actually suggested by one of their supporters and was chosen as it’s a name that just gets on with it, no fuss, no hidden meaning, just one big goal – to see transformation in the world of trade!

Globally we face greater challenges than ever before with the impacts of Covid-19, the climate crisis, food supply disruption and polarising inequality. So they needed a rallying cry for more people to join the movement for trade and climate justice.

Changing to Transform Trade means they can now focus all resources and energy on fulfilling the mission: to Transform Trade, so everybody benefits.

Trade isn’t a bad thing. Far from it, it has the potential to raise living standards, protect the planet, and transform lives for good.

Like us, Transform Trade believe in the transformational power of trade – they now have a name which reflects just that!

Ethical Superstore has been supporting Fairtrade since our virtual doors opened way back in 2006, being the first online store to stock a full range of Fairtrade products! To show our commitment to transforming trade for the better we are working with Transform Trade to share their message and also help raise funds for them through our generous shoppers.

Now when you checkout you will be able to select Transform Trade from our partner charities and make a donation with your order, all of the donations are paid directly to the charity at the end of each month.

It’s super easy to do, just select Transform Trade from the dropdown menu after you have selected your shipping method and enter the amount you would like to donate. Remember, every donation, not matter how large or small will contribute to making a change for the better!

You can also support Transform Trade with their Gifts for Life

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