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Amnesty International ranges now available

We are delighted to be stocking a range of Amnesty International gifts, books and clothes.

Amnesty International Gifts

Not only can you show your support for Amnesty International by buying from the range you may have also noticed the option to donate to Amnesty International in our checkout. This is a quick and easy way to make a donation which will go directly to Amnesty International, simply select Amnesty International from the drop down list of charities and then enter the amount you would like to donate in the field next to it and it will be added to your bill.

Donating to charity is easy!

At the end of every month we send donations through to Amnesty, it’s a great way to show your support and is hugely appreciated by Amnesty International and all of the other charities we feature in the checkout donations. In 2020 alone £193,951 was raised for charity through our checkout donations so it can be a massive help to these charities!

Amnesty International was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, an English barrister. In October 1960 whilst on the London Underground reading his paper he read an article about two students in Portugal who had been imprisoned for seven years after raising their glasses in a toast to freedom. Peter wanted the sense of disgust newspaper readers felt when reading stories like this to be united into common action so something effective could be done against injustices like this. This led to the birth of Amnesty International.

For over 60 years Amnesty International has been campaigning for justice where ever it has been denied. Protecting people, defending their right to freedom, to truth, and to dignity. This is done by galvanising their global movement of seven million people to intervene where individuals are at risk and by educating future generations so that one day the dream of human rights for all becomes a reality.

Amnesty International is active all across the world, the main focus of their campaigning is around human rights but this can encompass a huge range of areas from women’s rights, rights of civilians, political prisoners of conscience, to rights of people here in the UK.

Amnesty have created a range of products which have two aims, first to raise money for the work they do, and secondly to make a statement and themselves raise awareness of issues.

Amnesty International have teamed up with humanitarian, filmmaker and actress Angelina Jolie to publish a hard-hitting book on children’s rights. Know Your Rights and Claim Them is written for children and is informed by them. It explains what child rights are, how they came in to being, how governments are failing to uphold them and it equips young people with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and others.

Know Your Rights: and Claim Them Paperback Book

Amnesty International also have a wonderful range of T shirts, clothes, cards and gifts so you can show your support for the work they do and raise awareness,

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