Helping the Newcastle West End Food Bank on Black Friday

Once again we were subjected to various adaptations of ‘Black Friday’ from retailers this year in the early run up to Christmas to encourage us all to buy products we don’t need and spend money we perhaps don’t have. That’s why we decided to do something more positive instead and make donations of grocery items to the Newcastle West End Food Bank with every order over £30.
We had a great response to this alternative to Black Friday discounting with a lot of kind comments from our customers and the Newcastle West End food Bank has been delighted with our customer’s generosity ahead of a busy time for the Food Bank.
A total donation of 2,203 products will be made to the Food Bank as a result of this promotion.

Black Friday at the Food BankWe decided to send a portion of the products early before the promotion was finished so your contributions would be helping people as early as possible.
With the help of the Food Bank we selected a mix of products which were needed, these included:  organic passata, tomato and basil soup, chopped tomatoes, carrot & coriander soup, vegetable soup, instant mashed potato, wheat free organic maize and rice, long grain brown rice, organic porridge oats, jumbo organic oats, and natural soap.

Remember you can always make an extra donation to the Newcastle West End Food Bank with your order in the checkout stage, simply select the foodbank as your chosen charity and add an amount in, we will use this to buy items for the foodbank from our suppliers and top it up with a further 20%.

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