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Enjoy Chocolate – Q&A

We love Enjoy Chocolate. From bars and buttons to fudge all of their chocolate is vegan and organic. The magic of their product range is that they use a base of just three organic pure ingredients in their chocolate; 100% organic raw cocao powder, 100% organic cocao butter and 100% organic coconut sugar. We spoke to Hannah from Enjoy Chocolate to find out more about the brand…

  • Can you tell us your name and role at Enjoy Chocolate?

I’m Hannah. I head up the sales side for Enjoy, and look after our most valued customers.

  • Describe Enjoy Chocolate in three words…

Naturally Fabulous Chocolate!

  • What do you love most about Enjoy Chocolate?

It’s made from so few pure and natural ingredients … and yet it still tastes SO good! It’s amazing to be able to work for a chocolate brand that everyone can enjoy … regardless of any intolerances or allergies people may have they can still enjoy our chocolate.

  • To someone who has never tried vegan chocolate, what would you say?

Try it! If you love Dark Chocolate then definitely try Enjoy. In my opinion we are one of the best tasting vegan brands on the market.

  • If you had to pick a favourite flavour and product, what would it be?

I’m a real fan of salted caramel. The balance of flavours, with the hint of salt coming through the caramel is delightful.

  • As well as being vegan, what are the other benefits of Enjoy Chocolate?

All of our recipes are free from the 14 major allergens. We use coconut sugar so don’t have the nasties of refined sugar, and we are also gluten free and organic.

  • Do you have a favourite recipe to bake an amazing, sweet treat with Enjoy Chocolate’s products?

Check out the enjoy website for our Decadent Double Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes …. these are my favourite and are simply divine!

  • Have you any exciting plans for 2021?

This year we’re launching our best-selling filled bars in Mint and Orange and are really excited by this.

  • Tell us something we may not know about Enjoy Chocolate…

The base of our chocolate uses just three ingredients! For those who haven’t tried us before, you won’t believe how good we taste from so few pure and natural ingredients.

  • What is your go to positive quote?

Difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations.

Check out the full range of Enjoy Chocolate products here

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