A Bloke’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Right lads, listen in. You know it, I know it, and most of all, the girls know it. Valentine’s day is a chore. Like most chores, ignoring it and hoping it will go away will get you nowhere, apart from maybe a few nights sleeping on the couch. Worry not though, as I’ve got a few simple tips and ideas which will make it as painless as possible, and best of all, she’ll think you put loads of effort in. Winner!

When it comes to Valentine’s day, the five P’s really come into their own. If you’re unfamiliar with the five P’s, it goes something like this – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. In other words, get sorted early and you’ll be set. There’s nothing to be gained in leaving it until the last couple of days to pick up a cheap looking card and some wilting, overpriced flowers from your local supermarket. Get sorted early and you can get the best of the bunch at the best prices.

The obvious choice for the traditionalist is chocolates. The perennial favourites never seem to go out of fashion, and even if her most resolute of resolutions was to cut out the cocoa this year, you can guarantee that by the middle of February that promise will have been forgotten, and the chocs will go down a treat. They say it’s the thought that counts, so spare one for the growers who make it all possible, and choose one of our multitude of fair trade options.

best of the bunch...

best of the bunch...

A well selected wine speaks volumes about a man, and makes a fine Valentine’s gift. According to our resident wine expert (and what a job that is!) this Chateau de Roquefort Rosé is ‘Delicious!’, and she would know! Just tell her you picked it yourself and you’re laughing! If you’re lucky you might even get a glass yourself… and trust me, it’s a good one.

If you really do feel like splashing out to treat the lady in your life, why not take a look at our range of ethical jewellery? The girls in the office have been fawning over the Fifi Bijoux range since it came in, so you can be sure that would go down well, or if that’s out of your budget, Traidcraft work with fair trade producers to supply some wonderful pieces at surprisingly low prices.

One thing to remember though, even if all else is lost, is the all-important Valentine’s card. You know as well as I do that if you forget that, you may as well have not bothered at all, and you’ll be paying for it all year. Why not grab it now, then it’s one job out of the way at least!

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3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Call me an old fashioned feminist, but I find this kind of sexist writing really annoying and was shocked to find it on an ethical website. Perpetuating the stereotypes of men being stupid and women being some kind of dragons that need to be appeased, is something I would expect to find in a tabloid newspaper, not on a site like this. I was particularly aghast to find the suggestion that a man should lie to his partner on a site concerned with ethical and fair treatment of others. Surely fair and ethical trading depends hugely on honesty, and shouldn’t this start at home?

    On another note, if one chooses to celebrate Valentine’s day, shouldn’t it be about genuinely wanting to express love or affection to the other, no matter what gender?

    Right, I”ll get off my soapbox now, but please, have a think about it before you write other such articles.


  2. Davis says:

    Thomas, I think she likes you.

  3. Iain says:

    I agree with Elizabeth. Although Valentines day is predominantly put on the men as something *they* have to do. You should really be showing your love for someone every day of the year, lets be honest – you shouldn’t need an excuse to say “i love you” to your partner. Valentines is a horribly commercial way of doing these things (and the shameless plugging of products was somewhat offputting)

    My partner is an exceptional woman and I know I don’t say these things enough to her myself, but sometimes she does things that make me proud of her beyond belief.

    maybe I should tell her that!

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