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Upcycling with Lemonaid and ChariTea

Lemonaid creates organic and fair trade soft drinks. Every bottle sold supports social projects in growing regions.

For every bottle sold 5p goes to their Lemonaid and ChariTea Foundation. The Lemonaid and ChariTea Foundation aims to contribute to the sustainable improvement of social, economic and ecological structures in the Global South.

Not only that, Lemonaid rely and promote the upcycling of their products. Lemonaid bottles were created with the idea to build sustainable design objects from their bottles and boxes.

So, once you’ve finished your drink you can show off your DIY skills! In Lemonaid’s words, ‘an empty bottle does not mean you have to say goodbye to it’.

By following a few simple steps, you can upcycle Lemonaid’s packaging materials into some of your very own household products. To reduce the amount of plastic waste in your bathroom; you can turn your empty Lemonaid bottle into a stylish soap dispenser with their stainless-steel pump.

As well as that, you can also store your oil or vinegar in your Lemonaid bottle through their stainless-steel dispenser.

Due to their design, these upcycled products also look sleek and stylish in your home.

As well as donating 5p for every bottle sold, Lemonaid will also donate 5p for every one of their stainless-steel dispensers sold.

Through their passion for upcycling, Lemonaid has shown that their bottles can be used for so much more!

View our range of Lemonaid drinks here

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