The Wottle: let eco-friendly water bottle revolution commence

Image of the Orla Kiely Wottle - from Brita

There were those amongst us who thought the Wottle would never happen, but today’s the day – Brita UK and the prominent contemporary designer Orla Kiely have brought it all together, and Ethicalsuperstore’s long awaited eco-friendly water bottle is on the shelves and raring to go.

The buzz about this nifty little portable, refillable bottle started back in the summer, and here at Ethicalsuperstore HQ we have been as eager to see the finished product as the rest of you. Now it’s here and we are certainly not disappointed – it looks good and it’s a great contribution to the fight against disposable plastic bottles. The Environment Agency tells us that it takes 450 years for just one plastic bottle to break down, so if each and every Wottle can prevent even a few disposable plastic bottles from being used, then it’s doing a great job.

The BBC gave us the good news that plastic bottle recycling is becoming more widespread which is definitely reassuring. However it’s undoubtedly better to eliminate waste from the outset, which is why the reusable shopping bag is streets ahead of plastic disposable carrier bags in eco-conscious these days. It’s better to go for a bottle with a long shelf life, designed for refill, not landfill.

So join in the frenzy and make sure you’ve got the most fashionable, eco-chic and environmentally aware accessory going this Christmas – great if you’re out and about, at the office, at the gym, on a picnic, in your child’s lunchbox…the list is quite possible endless. Do you wottle? We do – and we love it.

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