Introducing: The Dyson Air Multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier

We are thrilled to introduce our latest gadget – the Dyson Air Multiplier!  Using cutting edge technology, the air-flow experts at Dyson have produced yet another iconic and innovative appliance, the fan without blades.  Set to trump all others in the desktop cooling field, the Air Multiplier creates a smooth, powerful airflow without the buffeting of conventional fans.

The pioneering design, based upon the shape of an aircraft wing (look’s a little like a bubble ring to me) uses unique Air Multiplier technology to expel air in a smooth continuous motion to cool and refresh you.

Air is drawn in through the bottom of the device by an energy efficient, brushless motor.  Then, using a combination of technologies often used in turbochargers and jet engines, the powerful stream of air is projected up through the middle of the fan and out through the circular ring at the top.

James Dyson and the Dyson Fan

Now, want to know why it’s energy efficient?  Here’s why:  Due to the unique design of the Air Multiplier, the airflow accelerates as it passes through what is known as an annular aperture.  The air passes over the 16 degrees shaped ramp of the ring, (bearing similarities to the cross section through an airplane wing) and is projected out through a tiny 1.3mm slot.  That’s not all, the 350-strong team at Dyson have so cleverly designed this device, that it naturally draws in extra air from behind and around the fan using processes known as inducement and entrainment, making it the most efficient powerful fan on the market.  The air is projected outwards in a cone shape, reducing pressure and pushing the air forward.  The overall effect is a steady stream of cool air, amplified 15 times in strength.

In addition to its efficiency, there are other benefits to this gorgeous device too; it’s simple shape means it attracts less dust, makes it easier to clean and consequently projects cleaner air into the surrounding environment.  It’s also safe for children as the bladeless technology allows for hands, objects and even heads to pass right through it!  The Dyson Air Multiplier also tilts elegantly to project air at a suitable angle, can be set to oscillate smoothly from side to side and has a dimmer switch to fully control the speed settings on the fan.

The Dyson has already proved itself the ultimate in desktop fans, a healthier, efficient and remarkably stylish option.  At Ethical Superstore, we are already fans of the Dyson fan; we look forward to hearing what you make of this brand new device!

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