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Brand Story: rCUP

The rCUP is the world’s first reusable cup made from used cups. It is no spill, easy opening, insulated and recyclable.

The rCUP is made by the award-winning design company, ashortwalk who are based on the North Coast of Cornwall. Ashortwalk don’t believe in waste and make unique products through recycling. As well as their own products, ashortwalk work with retail brands and recycling firms who want to turn waste into useful new products.

In 2016, they were asked to develop ideas to turn used paper coffee cups into new products and come up with a way to use coffee cup waste.

They discovered by cleaning and shredding coffee cup waste they could blend the strong fibres of the cup to a recycled plastic polymer. Their goal was to eliminate the need for single use cups and bottles.

From this, the rCUP was made which is:

• 100% leak proof
• Well built, robust and long lasting
• Opens and closes with one hand
• Keep drinks warm or cool
• Can be picked up when the contents are hot
• Create an enjoyable drinking experience just like a real mug

The rCUP is now the only reusable cup that reduces and recycles. Even at the end of the rCUP’s life (which is at least 10 years) they will be recycled into new products.

By creating products from used cups ashortwalk has stimulated the demand for the once worthless used paper cup. This demand increases the value of used paper cups, enabling recycling firms to invest in infrastructure which is required to recycle them which is referred to as the circular economy.

When purchasing a rCUP you are helping to fund a sustainable solution to global waste as each cup is made from six used paper cups.

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