The Big Swap – Shared Interest tries Fairtrade Wine

We’re more than half of the way through Fairtrade Fortnight, and people have been swapping to Fairtrade in their thousands – just check out the Fairtrade Foundation’s Big Swap-ometer to see how it’s been going.

Our friends at Shared Interest have been trying a new Fairtrade product every day of the fortnight, and by the looks of things have been enjoying it very much indeed!

On Friday they sampled Ethical Superstore’s very own Thandi Sauvignon Blanc Semillion – check out their video review to find out their thoughts…

“Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day? I would be lying if I said my wine “cellar” wasn’t constantly stocked, so I think it is about time I added a Fairtrade variety or two.”

Sally Reith, Shared Interest

Fancy adding a Fairtrade bottle or two to your own wine cupboard? Check out our Fairtrade Labelled Wine and Beer selection.

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