A Change for Life?

So we are now in week 3 of Lent and still the Ethical Superstore diet is going pretty well (in summary, for six weeks I’m only going to eat what we sell in the Ethical Superstore range).

At first my biggest problem was giving up milk in tea and coffee. I really didn’t like the taste without milk and the various substitutes work well for most things apart from in tea and coffee. However, I think I’ve become acclimatised to no milk in my hot drinks now – in fact I accidentally put it in my tea on Tuesday morning and couldn’t understand why my tea tasted so horrible. Maybe black tea and coffee will be a change for life….

Bread making continues to be the high point using the Doves Farm bread kit. Experimented with adding a little sugar and vegetable fat (around a teaspoon of each) and ended up with a bigger loaf and a more even “rise”.  There is a chocolate cake in the range too – so I think I’ll make that my treat this weekend.

I guess that the biggest challenge of eating only from the Ethical Superstore range for anyone with a  busy life, is the lack of ready meals. The Just Wholefoods range comes close and has allowed me to make meals with cous cous and biriyani without too much effort. The veggie bangers are lovely too. Also at £1.35 for  a pack that serves two people – they are good value too.

However, the only reason why the challenge can work at all is the fantastic fresh fruit and vegetable box that comes every week. It has made me eat more fruit and vegetables – this has to be good thing. We’ve cooked homemade soups, stir frys, casseroles and lots of root vegetable mash. Organic fruit and veg are more expensive. I know people who are giving it up because of the credit crunch.  Someone I follow on Twitter recently said “Not buying vegbox coz I can afford it but coz support now = choice tomorrow 🙂 Vote with yer money folks!”. And he’s right. If we all give up our organic products today to save a few pounds, demand will fall, farmers will be forced back to growing crops with inputs and where will the organic vegetables come from in 3 years time? So order your veg box from us or your local scheme today and make a solid commitment to organic farming today so we all have a choice tomorrow.

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