An Idyllic Mother’s Day Breakfast

With two little girls in our house, mornings can be a little crazy. The four year old insists upon wearing pink each day, and the two year old likes to be dressed as Tinkerbelle as often as possible. With these complications in mind, the daily race to wash, dress, make and eat breakfast and still get to nursery before the bell rings at 8.30am can be even more of a challenge.

All of this madness makes the idea of a peaceful Mother’s Day breakfast sound great – the chance to relax, enjoy and savour the delicious smell and taste of homemade baked bread and freshly brewed coffee is a very attractive prospect.

For my ideal morning I’d be allowed to stay in bed until 8am at least, and be served breakfast on a tray – a glass of my favourite peach fruit juice followed by muesli with yogurt and a hot capuccino,  toast and jam just to finish it all off.  I’d have the opportunity to read the Sunday papers or to finish the book that I’ve been trying to finish since Christmas. Thirty minutes of tranquillity for calmness and indulgence – lovely.

However… In reality the… …girls would be up at 6am – fancy dress outfits over their pyjamas  – they’d be so excited at the thought of breakfast in bed that I’ll probably end up with the family in bed for a breakfast picnic. We’d have Disney music and their favourite princess story books, and then no doubt we’d be up and at it before the majority of the child-free households of the country have even opened their eyes. And that’s only the beginning, as I’ll be baking all morning for a tea party for our mum’s  later that afternoon, avoiding the eating-out rush as just the very thought of a restaurant on Mothers day makes me frazzled.

Although the first option sounds very serene and rather appealing, to be honest I much prefer the second option. Less tranquil perhaps, but certainly a whole lot more fun.

Photo via Flickr: juanjoseixas

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