Record Shakers!

Just a glimpse of one of those ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here.. but it helps’ notices is normally enough to send a shiver down my spine.  Today however, everyone at Ethical Superstore was ‘going bananas’.
The reason – we’re taking part  in a bona fide world record attempt organised by the Fairtrade Foundation which hopefully will raise awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits it delivers to third world producers.

We don’t need too much encouragement to find an entertaining or unconventional twist to proceeding so we thought we’d share with you some video of one of our banana eating escapades.  We made a banana ice cream – using a prospective new product – a people powered ice cream maker.

Despite it’s hamster ball styling this is a product that definitely puts the fun into functional, and the resulting ice cream was very cool in both senses of the word.

I can imagine this being great family fun – and sharing the shaking around gets everyone ready to enjoy the results. It also gives you total control over the ingredients – so whether you champion fairtrade, organic, or vegan values you can make a treat to suit.

We’d love to know how you chose to ‘go bananas’ –  if you haven’t considered it you still have until midday tomorrow (7th Feb) to get involved.

And tell us what think about this ice cream maker too (you can check out some photo’s on our Flickr page)

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