Tea break

Fact of the week: Did you know that tea bags were invented in America in the early 1800s to hold samples of tea from India. 96% of all cups of tea served in Britain are made using tea bags.


Tea and coffee is a big part of what we do at Ethical Superstore, not just selling it but drinking it too! Back in 1994 Green and Black’s Maya Gold chocolate was the first product to be Fairtrade certified, in the same year Cafédirect coffee and Clipper tea were labeled as Fairtrade products.
Since then tea and coffee have become some of the most successful Fairtrade products and are becoming more and more mainstream with people buying both on taste and the values behind them.
Everyone has their favorite brand of tea and coffee and we all have our own particular way we like them made but sometimes it’s fun to try something new, so take some inspiration from what we like to drink in our office;

Pete (me!)

Mr Clipper Tea

Mr T doesn’t get on no plane because he is concerned over the environmental impact it has.

I’ll happily drink any nice tea but Clipper Earl Grey is the one for me! Some Earl Grey drinkers will gasp in horror as I have milk with it, but no one would question it when they see the mean face of Mr T on my mug looking back at them!




Keep it simple, black coffee, no sugar in a plane white mug

I like strong black coffee, no sugar.  If it’s a cafetierre, I’d prefer Cafedirect Rich Roast.  For espresso, the only choice is Cafedirect Espresso.  I also like to grind my own beans (at home – too much hassle at work!).  For this, I like Cafedirect Machu Picchu Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans.  When it comes to instant coffee, I have no favourite, they all suck.




Afternoon pick me up

I start the day with a strong, black coffee – Cafedirect Medium Roast Fresh Ground Fairtrade. My afternoon pick me up is the same, ideally with some Divine Dark Chocolate on the side. (I recently tried converting to tea but it’s not the same!)



Yogi tea

Yogi tea and Yogi mug!

I love my Yogi tea! Lime and Mint is gorgeous and I can only be drinking it out of my Yogi mug 🙂




The mug will probably wake you up just as much as the coffee

Cafedirect Rich Roast ground coffee is my preferred legal stimulant hot beverage. Rich, dark and full flavoured when you first brew it, it has the smell of great coffee and the taste to match.  Passes my organoleptic testing everyday.



Mr Clipper T

Continuing the Mr T theme with this 1980s classic!

My personal favourite is the Clipper Organic Lemon and Ginger tea. Its light, refreshing, and full of flavour, without the bitterness you might expect from the lemon. Definitely a morning treat!



Detox tea

showing off our Goerdie roots ” shy bairns get nowt!”

My favourite is a cup of Qi Organic Detox Green Tea. Really refreshing and I am convinced you can feel it detoxing as you drink! Great way to kick start the working day!




Do the N.Y.P.D. drink Italian espresso?

Percol Fairtrade Italiano Coffee. Strength – it’s all about the strength.



Not quite coffee or tea but it certainly has a kick!

Not quite coffee or tea but it certainly has a kick!

Much to the annoyance of my colleagues I don’t drink Tea or coffee, so I need to get my caffeine hit from elsewhere, that’s where Super!Natural comes in. This delicious natural energy drink is made with a fusion of fruit juices and best of all, contains no added sugar.


Tell us your favorite tea and coffee in the comments below;

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