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Foodbank Friday – partnering with Newcastle West End Foodbank

Discover a meaningful alternative to Black Friday.

From November 20th to Monday 27th, we’re partnering with the Newcastle West End Foodbank to make a difference. For every order over £30, we’ll donate an item directly to the foodbank. We’re also offering you a generous 20% discount on all orders*, no matter what the value.

This initiative comes at a crucial time amidst the cost of living crisis, emphasising the importance of supporting those in need.

How have we helped already?

Since we started our Foodbank Friday campaign in 2015, we’ve contributed 37,196 items. Last year’s donation of 4,857 items, has inspired us to aim even higher this year. With your help, and the help of our suppliers, we can do this together!

Learn more about what our suppliers are doing to help this year.

How Foodbank Friday started

In 2015, inspired by the chaos and consumer frenzy of Black Friday in the UK the previous year, we initiated our Foodbank Friday campaign. Witnessing long queues, stampedes, and conflicts over unnecessary purchases, we aimed to shift the focus from excessive buying to giving. Our goal was to promote a more positive approach, encouraging people to consider and support others.

A palette with Ethical Superstore's first donation to the Foodbank
Our first donation to Newcastle West End Foodbank.

Why the Newcastle West End Foodbank

While we’d love to support foodbanks nationwide, we’ve chosen to collaborate with our local foodbank for logistical reasons. It’s the UK’s busiest, addressing significant demand.

By focusing locally, we can fulfill specific requests and shortages, supplying essentials based on current needs.

How does the Newcastle West End Foodbank help?

People preparing food in the West End Foodbank kitchen

Established in March 2013, the Newcastle West End Food Bank initially served 30 people per week. Within a year, it grew to become the largest in the UK, catering to around 55,000 individuals annually.

Newcastle West End Foodbank assists those in crisis by providing nutritionally balanced food parcels, each containing a three-day supply of non-perishable items like cereal, soup, pasta, rice, and more.

What do we supply?

We supply a variety of groceries and health products to the foodbank, tailoring our offerings to meet current needs. While the foodbank receives generous donations, predicting specific items can be challenging, especially with large quantities from businesses.

With our diverse range of products, we make sure to provide essential items that are in high demand, including toothbrushes, soap, period products, and baby food.

Food Bank Donation

Other ways we support the foodbank

While Foodbank Friday is our main campaign with the Newcastle West End Foodbank we make donations all through the year.

In the checkout you can make a donation to one of seven charities, if you select the Newcastle West End Foodbank you are able to make a cash donation and we will top this up by 20%.

In total, £15,392 was raised for the Newcastle West End Foodbank in 2022! You can see what else was raised on our donation page.

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