National Carbon Footprint Day!

Footprints by Andy_5322

Footprints by Andy_5322

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Carbon Footprint’, and I’m pretty sure most of us will know that it would be a good thing for our planet if we could each reduce our individual footprint.

But what does that involve? How does one go about reducing something that is difficult to ascertain?

Well, having read a great article on the Times Online by eco columnist Donnachadh McCarthy, I’m pleased to see that we now have a National Carbon Footprint Day. So, on October 2nd every year we will now be prompted to take readings of our ‘Eco High 5’s’ to calculate your carbon footprint with a view to reducing it year on year.

Head on over to the official National Carbon Footprint Day website to pledge your support and find out more. . .

(Image: Andy_5322)

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