Food Bank Donation

Food Bank Friday 2021 – How much did we raise?

Once again we worked with the Newcastle West End Foodbank over the ‘Black Friday’ week to offer a donation direct from our stock to the Newcastle West End Foodbank with every order we took over £30.

We are delighted to announce we will be donating 5,638 items to the foodbank as a result of the Food Bank Friday 2021 campaign!

We have been running this campaign for the last few years and in total 32,339 items have been donated!
We donate a variety of items from our stock and it is based on the current need of the foodbank. Generous donations they receive from the public and local businesses and vary massively in content so they will have shortages of different items at different times, this means they can pick the items they need the most when they take a delivery from us.

We also offer a chance for you to make an extra donation in the checkout, whatever is donated through the checkout we add an additional 20% on top. This means they can get a steady stream of products from us, what they need, when they need. We donate everything from soup, soap to Suma Beans!

We would like to thank all of our customers for taking part in Food Bank Friday this year and thank you to anyone who has made a donation in the checkout.

We donate a selection of products to the Newcastle West End Foodbank based on what they currently need.

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