Kitten rescue at Ethical Superstore

Kitten rescue at Ethical HQ!

What more excitement does anyone need on a Wednesday than to find a LITTER OF KITTENS living underneath your warehouse?! In 5 years of working here I don’t believe I’ve ever seen our team so excited, and for good reason.

A beautiful young cat with bi-coloured eyes had hidden in a corner piled with pallets, protecting five gorgeous little kittens! After a quick call to the PDSA and Cats Protection, a couple of the team headed over with a tray of tasty Lily’s Kitchen cat food (lucky kitty!) to see if she would approach anyone. The kitten rescue continued as the very friendly young cat happily came out for food, and the babies were safely placed into a box to go off to the local Cats Protection adoption centre in Gateshead. If any of us had room for more cats (I already have 3!) we would have happily taken them all, they’re gorgeous! The kittens are estimated to be around 6 weeks old.

Cats Protection will nurse the kittens and make sure they receive care and essential vaccinations before they find loving homes. If you’d like to sponsor or donate to the great work at Cats Protection (a charity who rely solely on generous donations from the public), you can donate here. If you rehome one of these cats, let us know!

NOTE: If you have a kitten rescue scenario on your hands, or need to know what to do for strays, feral cats or lost cats, please check out the advice from Cats Protection.

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