Discover the One Good Market

Online shopping for the ethically aware has become big business in recent years with an ever increasing amount of suppliers reflecting an ever increasing demand.  Personally, I like any shopping experience to be quick, to the point and as fluid as possible.  So along comes, a market place for ethical retailers with a vision to create the leading marketplace connecting sellers and buyers of products that do good in the world.  A one stop shop for all your eco friendly, fair trade, organic purchases providing access to some well known and some up and coming suppliers.

Companies like Akoma Skincare, with their exquisite range of skin care products that boast high quality, great value are just one of the growing list of OneGoodMarket stores.  The current featured seller, Original Organics, invented the Original Wormery and now leads the way in providing composting and home food waste solutions along side some fantastic water saving products.

The site is still in its infancy but the expanding range of stores to visit means you will not have to look far for the perfect ethical gift, organic treat, energy saving gadget or fair trade cup of coffee.  OneGoodMarket also has the Good Guide, which provides a quick indication of the products nature for your shopping convenience.  Coloured tags applied to each product denote whether a product is considered eco friendly, locally produced, organic, fair trade or whether it can promote good health containing all natural ingredients.

So come along and visit the OneGoodMarket and witness this ethical trading revolution.  Browse the store and see the widest range of products that make a positive impact to people and/or the planet.

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