Royal Wedding Party with an Eco Kick

In the truly British fashion, regardless of your stance on the monarchy in general, a royal wedding means two things; a free day off work and an excuse for a party!  Like those that only watch football when their home country is playing, any opportunity to display patriotism at your convenience proves most welcome.  So out come the balloons, bunting, cakes and sweets and to hell with inhibitions, bring on the party.
As we gleefully watch the happy couple sign their lives away before hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, we ask; how can you incorporate ethical living in your street party?  Well, first of all, I strongly recommend Green Tips Eco Balloons.  Everyone, without exception, loves balloons.  Trust me.  So why not make them biodegradable balloons made with exclusive FSC certified and fairly traded rubber?
There’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking to furnish your street party with organic, gluten free or vegetarian snack optionsCorn chips, Bombay mix, crisps or even dried apricots will keep the neighbours coming back again and again, to the point where you simply want to move house.

And that’s not all!  For a retro feel to your party snack pleasures, get your nuts into a Vinyl Snack Tray, made from old 12” vinyl records and moulded into a very useful shape.  They’re half price at the moment as well.

A wedding is a glorious occasion and despite the hideous use of public money involved and the fact that they forgot to invite me (an administrative error, I’m sure), you can be sure that when you celebrate, you celebrate with your ethical heart on your sleeve.

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