A New Way to Search for Local & Charity Products

We like to think that we make it easy for you all to search for products under the ethics you believe in.  We tag all our products with their ethics and offer numerous and various ways for you to find them, enabling you to buy the products you believe in.

Maybe you follow a gluten-free diet and you’re looking for tasty treats in our Cakes, Biscuits & Snacks category?  Maybe you’re looking for organic suncreamVegan shoes?  We like to think we’ve got it covered.

That’s why we’re happy to announce a new way to search for Locally Produced Goods and products that Support a Charity.  It’s so much easier now to shop local, with our Made in the UK tag – especially added to products and brands entirely made in the UK.  The likes of Herbfarmacy and Simply Soaps feature in this list, with more products continually added.  Similarly, if you’re interested in products which donate a proportion of sales to charity, such as Greenpeace or Breakthrough Breast Cancer, then you can now filter these products through our Supports a Charity tag.

We hope that these features enhance your shopping experience with us here at EthicalSuperstore, helping you to find the products you’re looking for.  If you have something to share about your favourite features, or features you would like to see developed in the future, then we’d love to hear from you.  You can reply below or send an email to shop(at)ethicalsuperstore.com.

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