Let There Be Light

You would be forgiven for thinking that a light bulb is, well, just a light bulb but our warehouse is testament to the difference a new bulb can make.

Following months of research, planning and negotiation, a new energy efficient lighting system is now in place in our warehouse, meaning our hard working team are literally being seen in a new light.

The new lighting system is made extremely energy efficient by utilising fluorescent ECO lamps with daylight and movement sensors. The lights are set up to ensure that where there is natural light available, the lights automatically dim and where there are aisles not in use or empty for even a few minutes, the lights dim again. The process of lights dimming and brightening again happens within seconds so there is no delay for people passing underneath to have their way lighted.

Our partners in this project, Apex Electrical and Advanced Lighting Technology, have been a constant source of information and guidance on the correct way to install and place the lighting to ensure maximum coverage with the minimum lamp installations. Popping into our unit at short notice to re-calibrate lamps and advise on usage has never been a problem and the positive comments are already flooding in from staff, suppliers and visitors alike.

Huge reductions in our Carbon output are expected and for possibly the first time in our history we are excitedly awaiting our Electricity bill for January 2012 to analyse and report on the usage savings made during the first month following installation.

Also, at this time of the year when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is rife, we hope this new lighting system will have an uplifting effect on the warehouse staff’s general mood and wellbeing. We can but hope!

So we have said goodbye to the (admittedly slightly orange) light of old and said hello to a whiter light that makes our warehouse look brighter, cleaner, fresher whilst most importantly maintaining our ethical ethos.

Carbon savings info to follow folks………


Written By Lindsey Tulip-Pearson of Spark Response

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