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World Oceans Day

8th June is World Oceans Day! People from all around the world come together to celebrate World Oceans Day to help ensure that our ocean is healthy for future generations. World Oceans Day began in 1992 with the objective to move the oceans from the sidelines to the centre of government policy.
The Ocean is hugely important to our planet and should not be neglected because it:

  • Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
  • Helps feed us
  • Regulates our climate
  • Cleans the water we drink
  • Offers a pharmacopoeia of medicines
  • Provides limitless inspiration!

There are many threats to the oceans, the one which has taken prominence recently is plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is not a new problem, it’s something we have known about for years, something scientists have repeatedly warned governments about, but who sadly chose not to listen but finally (with the help of the Attenborough Effect) we are starting to see a real desire for change. After microbeads were banned in 2018 and plastic straws, plastic stemmed cotton buds and plastic drinks stirrers to receive a partial ban from 2020, we seem to be making progress but this is only scratching the surface, plastic is all around us, in the majority of products on sale. So as individuals we have to take action and not rely on Government legislation or manufacturers to get their act together. Try to go plastic free, chose plastic free products, we can all do our bit!
It’s more than just plastic pollution which is a threat, whaling is making a sad return in Iceland and Japan and overfishing continues all around the world.
Climate change is also a threat to the oceans and the life within them. Coral reefs are not just beautiful, brightly coloured backgrounds for serene snorkelling experiences, they are vital to life on earth. Around a quarter of the world’s marine life needs coral reefs for some part of their life cycle. Climate change from carbon pollution is warming our oceans and causing corals around the world to bleach.

How can you get involved:

Promote the message

Tell your friends, family, school or work colleagues and encourage them to get involved. Share your thoughts on the plastic problem and create a buzz on social media around #WorldOceansDay and also #NotWhaleFood. Add the Oceans Day image to your Facebook or Twitter or print off some posters, find out more from the Resources page.
Don’t forget to follow World Oceans Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Support a Charity


Give your support to a charity which is fighting to protect the oceans such as Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) For more than 30 years WDC has been campaigning for the protection of whales and dolphins. As well as campaigning against whaling, ending captivity and ending bycatch, WDC are campaigning for action to be taken on plastic pollution in the oceans with the Not Whale Food campaign
Find out more about WDC.

Plan an event for World Oceans Day 2020!

Find out how you can plan your own World Oceans Day event, everything from clean-ups, festivals, film screenings and lectures. Or perhaps you could make a pledge for your school, workplace or local community to take action! Visit the World Oceans Day event planner for more information.

Make a donation in the checkout with your order

We support a number of charities and give you the option to add a donation to one of them in addition to your order. In June WDC will be the featured charity so be sure to pop a donation (however large or small) with your order. This money will go directly to WDC.

Take part in an Urban Beach Clean

Up to 95% off plastic pollution in the oceans starts off as litter in our towns and cities making its way from urban areas to the coastline, and then finally into the ocean. Once it reaches the sea it doesn’t just disappear, it breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic which are eaten by sealife.
Urban Beach Cleans are a new initiative to encourage people from urban areas to get involved in getting rid of the huge amount of plastic we waste and discard every day.
Find out how you can organise or take part in an Urban Beach Clean!

Go Plastic Free – Spend over £45 and we’ll donate £5 to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

We have a great range of plastic free alternatives to make it easy for you to cut your plastic usage, plus if you can either have £4 off your order when you spend £45 OR you can opt for a £5 donation which we will make to WDC (when you spend over £45)
Pick your promo code:
X5WDCD – £5 donation to WDC when you spend £45
X4NDN – Get £4 off for World Oceans Day (when you spend £45)
This offer runs until the end of Tuesday 11th June 2018!

Find out more about this offer.
Read more about World Oceans Day 2021

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