The Top 3 Eco-Friendly Bug Awards

If we ever need a little inspiration, a push in the right direction, or a kick up the backside to ‘Go One Better’ or green up our lifestyle than we should look no further than our own back yard.

It appears that nature is teaming with busy little environmentalists, all hell-bent on reducing, reusing, and recycling whatever is in their path.

According to Environmental Graffiti, a cracking site for environmentalists who don’t take themselves too seriously, these little chaps are the most eco-friendly bugs around;

3. Environmental Designer Extraordinaire: The Orb Web Spider
The female orb web spider is one of natural world’s top designers, but she’s one of its thriftiest recyclers too. She’s known to eat her web at night, before spinning a new one, to recoup some of the energy expended producing silk that’s rich in protein and stronger than steel.

2. Working Class Hero: The Roller Dung Beetle
Like a mini-JCB, the industrious beetle gets rid of huge amounts of animal dung, and plays a vital role in agriculture. By eating and burying dung, he helps with soil structure and nutrient cycling; and people and livestock benefit from reduced numbers of germ-bearing pests like flies.

1. Underground Mixing Legend: The Earthworm
The humble earthworm has made a definite noise on the underground eco scene. It spends its days breaking down organic matter like fallen leaves into rich humus and mixing it up with earth. With burrowing skills you’ve got to dig, the earthworm actively helps to drain and pump air into the soil.

So this Christmas, why not spread a little love to the bugs in your life; share the festive fun and folly by giving an Insect Habitat fit for a critter-queen, or an Insect Tower; perfect for the high flyers. Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, check out the Can-O-Worms; the luxury pad for a worm near you!

Via: Environmental Graffiti Image via: Yama Hokkaido

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