Ethical festival essentials to take and wear

Ethical Festival Essentials

Many of us flock to festivals in summer, and often forget to pack the basics. Here we’re giving you a quick rundown of festival essentials, the ethical way!


Deodorant – Faith In Nature Fragrance Free Crystal Stick Deodorant

While you’re jumping around dancing all day in vast crowds of people you’re going to work up a sweat – make sure you have a deodorant handy so you can stay feeling and smelling fresh. This handy stick will stop the sweat all day, leaving you to have fun odour free.



Weather Proof Jacket Mens & Womens Patagonia Torrentshell Jackets

If you’re heading to a festival in the UK you’re probably going to be faced with rain and mud, so you want to try protecting yourself from the harsh weather so you can still enjoy the music. These Patagonia jackets are great; they have hoods, are water proof and have two zippered hand warmer pockets.


Bag Patagonia Arbor Daypack

How else are you going to take everything to and from the festival? It has an efficient design and plenty of zips and space to make sure you get all of your essentials packed.


WaterBobble Filtered Water Bottle – 550ml

You don’t want to get dehydrated so ensure you have your water bottle to hand. Don’t bother buying loads of plastic bottles of water, you’re wasting money and creating more plastic waste. Use this reusable option instead, just remember to keep filling it up.

Love Raw Nakd


You have to keep your energy up at festival so you can keep jumping and having fun all day (and night). These bars come in many different flavours and are sure to help keep you satisfied and full of energy, they’re pretty tasty too!


Protect Yourself – Incognito Anti-Mosquito Spray, Hay Max Pollen Barrier Triple Pack – Pure, Lavender & Aloe Vera

Nobody wants to be plagued with a runny nose, itchy eyes or irritating mosquito bites while they’re trying to enjoy their favourite band. Make sure you protect yourself, if you suffer from hay fever be sure to pack your Hay Max to stop the pollen in. Festivals can be warm, humid places, perfect for pesky mosquitoes, especially at dusk and dawn. So remember to pack and use your anti-mosquito spray to avoid those nasty bites.

All Riot

A Statement T-Shirt All Riot: ‘No Fracking Way’ Political T-shirt, ‘Man Belongs to the Earth’ Native America T-Shirt, ‘Mass Media’ Political T-Shirt, ‘Disobey’ Political T-Shirt – Red

Make a festival fashion statement with these All Riot T-Shirts. Convey your views and look good at the same time! A simple way to look festival ready. Unisex, comfy, eco-friendly and Fair Trade.

Now we’ve took you through all the ethical basics it’s up to you to do the rest, remember to pack your chargers, tents, and most importantly, your tickets! Do you have any festival plans?

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