Newcastle West End Food Bank

Your Donation is ready to go to the West End Food Bank

If you saw our previous blog post you’ll know how much you’ve helped the West End Food Bank in Newcastle through your generous donations. Just to recap, over the Black Friday weekend we offered to donate something to the food bank for every order we received over £30 – and our customers really delivered, thanks to you we are sending £1,500 worth of food and essentials to the food bank and it should arrive there tomorrow just in time for Christmas.

Here you can see the massive amounts of food you’ve helped us donate


This all comes at a perfect time as you may have red in the news or in our previous post that the West End Food Bank was recently broken into – for the second time in months – with the thieves taking Christmas presents intended for needy children. Thankfully there are some incredibly generous people about and hundreds of Christmas presents have since been donated to the food bank so that the children who need it most won’t have a disappointing Christmas.

We just want to say a huge thank you, without your continued support we would not be able to offer as much help to the West End Food Bank or indeed any of the charities we support, and we are regularly updated with how your donations make a difference. Don’t stop being wonderful!

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