Newcastle West End food bank

West End Food Bank Update

For over a year now you’ve been helping us support the West End Food Bank in Newcastle through your charity donations at our checkout. Over the Black Friday weekend for every order over £30 we would donate to the food bank, and thanks to your efforts we will be sending over £1,500 worth of food and essentials.

Your donation couldn’t have come at a better time, the West End Food bank has recently been broken into – for the second time in just three months!

The heartless thieves have stolen children’s toys that had been donated to the food bank to give out to children who probably won’t receive any other gifts this Christmas. The people responsible actually gained access to the building by breaking an outer panel of the building with a hammer and chisel.

Photo courtesy of Newcastle Chronicle

Photo courtesy of Newcastle Chronicle

When the West End Food Bank opened in 2013 it helped around 30 people per week, but last year it provided food to around 55,000 – that’s over 1000 a week. The food bank doesn’t only provide for those who are having problems with benefits, but also those in work with very low incomes, and with the rise of 0 hour contracts it’s just getting worse.

It’s unbelievable that there are people out there who would steal from those who are most in need, but especially children. We want to thank you for all your donations, not only those over the Black Friday Weekend, but since we first started supporting the West End Food Bank, the work they do for disadvantaged people in Newcastle is tremendous and wouldn’t happen without your support. Read more about the food bank here.

This Christmas you can help your local food bank by donating and volunteering. People are always needed to sort donated food, give the food out to clients and help at a food bank supermarket collection day.

Main photo courtesy of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

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