Food Bank Friday

Food Bank Friday is Coming!

Can you believe it?? It’s nearly 2020!

Yep that means it’s Christmas soon and, yep that means it’s Black Friday, Black Friday Week, Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday, Mega Monday, Cyber Weekend, Prime Friday etc, etc. Whatever you call it, it’s the same thing, just encouraging people to spend money on things they don’t need, and perhaps even can’t really afford.

That’s why a few years ago when Black Friday first came to the UK we decided we didn’t really want to be part of it and thought it would be a better idea to think of others first, before you rush about and buy yourself a new TV.

We are proud to say we will be once again supporting the Newcastle West End Food Bank with our Food Bank Friday alternative to Black Friday sales!

Since we started Food Bank Friday, over £18,000 worth of products from our stock have gone to the Newcastle West End Food Bank!

We’ve been doing some filming the at the foodbank so we can promote Food Bank Friday, also so the Food Bank can use the footage to help raise awareness of the growing demand over the busy winter months.

When we were filming we took a look around the wonderful organic garden which the volunteers have created. All of the vegetables grown in the garden are used in the onsite kitchen to provide healthy and nutritious meals. We thought we’d share a few pictures from the filming day!

Carole Rowland in the Organic Garden
In the kitchen at the Newcastle West End Food Bank

Don’t forget when you are shopping with us you can also make an extra donation to the Newcastle West End Food Bank or one of our other 6 other charities.

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