This 'Black Friday' Ethical Superstore will be giving you 20% off PLUS donating much-needed grocery items to the Newcastle West End Foodbank with every order over £30.

*20% off ends 23:59 Monday 28th November 2016 - excludes dropship items (those not available for immediate dispatch), delivery services, gift vouchers, Bambo and Moltex nappies, and infant formula. A grocery item as requested by the Foodbank will be donated with every order total over £30 (not including delivery). Free standard UK delivery on orders over £50.

How we're making a difference

Newcastle West End Food Bank In recent years ‘Black Friday’ has become a term synonymous with crowds surging into shops and fighting over a cut price TV. Of course the ensuing chaos will be filmed by a conveniently placed TV crew, all with the intention of getting their chain on the predictable news reports.

Last year we decided to do something different and more constructive, we did give our customers a discount but more importantly on every order over £30 we gave a grocery donation to the Newcastle West End Food Bank.
After so much positive feedback last year we have decided to do the same again, the situation with people needing food banks has not improved at all over the last year so the need is greater than ever.
Last year more than £1,500 worth of grocery items were donated to the food bank as a result of  the Black Friday offer and we hope to be able to donate even more this year. Don't forget you can also make your own donation in the checkout to the Newcastle West End Food Bank or any other of our charity partners

Suma products for Newcastle Food Bank  Michael Nixon, Newcastle West End Food Bank: “We are the busiest foodbank in the country, mainly because of the large areas of poverty we have here in the parts of the West End of Newcastle. More than ever people are under intense financial pressure and more people will be using food banks this winter. As the weather turns colder and people face increased heating bills the need will only grow.
The generosity of the people of Newcastle is amazing so we are encouraging people to give a little this Christmas to help families in need. With this generosity and help from local businesses like Ethical Superstore with their donation scheme, we want to make sure families are properly fed and don’t have to choose between whether they heat their home or properly feed their family.”.

Find your local Food Bank By doing this our custoemrs will get the chance to help the Newcastle West End Food bank and also hopefully we’ll encourage people to think about others and perhaps make a donation to their own local food bank to help those in need this Christmas. If just a fraction of the money spend on unnecessary items this Black Friday could go to a better cause this could make a huge difference to so many people who are struggling in the current tough times.

Items donated with each order over £30:
These items have been picked by the food bank to help meet their needs. We will supply a mixture of these products to the Newcastle West End Food Bank

Donate to the Newcastle West End Food Bank