A huge thank you to YOU

For a number of years we’ve given shoppers the chance to make a donation at the checkout so just a little bit more on your shopping basket can go to a good cause. We knew our customers were perhaps a bit more likely to give a little bit to charity than your average supermarket shopper, afterall they chose Ethical Superstore over generic supermarket megastore (I’m sure you’ll know the places I mean!) so they must care at least just a little bit.

Charity donationsBut we didn’t know just how generous our customers would be, last year a massive £21,960 (and 41 pence!) was raised through the checkout donations! We don’t want to take credit for this as it is down to the generosity of you, our customers so a big thank you from us and a big thank you from the charities who have benefited from this.

Last year money was raised for the Philippines Appeal (DEC), Syria Appeal (DEC), RSPCA, Friends of the Earth, Trees for Life, Medecins sans Frontieres, Shared Interest Foundation, Vegetarian Society and Amnesty International.
We had a particularly good response to the Philippines appeal with you raising a fantastic £7286. To see how much was raised for each charity have a look at our Donations page.

Hopefully in 2014 together we can raise even more for good causes, just be sure tick the donation box in the checkout and drop a pound or two in 🙂

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