The EthicalSuperstore 365 Project

We’re happy to announce…Our New Venture, the 365 Days Project!

You’re on our minds 365 days of the year, now we can be on your screen 365 days of the year!  As of 18th January 2010, we will do our best to give you a unique insight into the life of EthicalSuperstore.   Once a day, every day, for a whole year, we will post a snapshot of our day.  It will be like a mini soap opera, only without the opera, but maybe some organic soap thrown in there.  Watch our business evolve, follow the quirks of those in the office and the warehouse and see some of our products in action.   Sometimes what we’ll post will seem a little random, so we will add a caption to each offering in an attempt to dispel any confusion.  As always, we would love you to add your views and thoughts and enrich the 365 experience for us all.
We will regularly post updates on the blog, and you can follow us on our flickr page too!

So here we go, a glimpse of the past week in photographs…

(This week featuring Niamh the model, Lindsay, Ruth, The Worker On The Flower Farm, The Recycled Album Cover Notebook, and lots of Fairtrade Goodies.)

To see the originals in all their glory – take a look at our 365 Flickr Set!

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