Got Haggis?

Burns Night.  I’ve never participated in this before, but as far as I can tell, it’s aaaall aboot the Haggis.  There’s a musical entrance for the haggis, a long address to the haggis and even a whisky toast to the haggis.  A few other characters get a mention in the Burns Night proceedings, namely the “lassies”, the Queen, even good old Robert Burns get’s a toast or two, but none receive the attention that the haggis does.   It seems rather obvious to me, that cheeky Mr Haggis has stolen the limelight from noble Mr Burns…

So what is it about that famous dish that Scots rave about?  I’m originally from southern England, and I’ve never sung over my shepherd’s pie or recited a poem about my fish and chips, it doesn’t seem necessary.  Perhaps you get stranger the further North you live?  Perhaps…  Or perhaps the Scottish are much better at finding reasons to celebrate with one another and remembering their heritage.  I’m certainly all for that, what could be better on a dark January evening than spending time with friends, eating a good meal and celebrating where you came from?

So this Mr Haggis fella and this Mr Burns bloke, maybe they’re pretty good at getting us to get together?  Maybe we all should have a go this Burns night, Scottish or not, and ask some friends around to enjoy some time together.  Are you with me?!

If you are, here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll call up a few friends and set a time and the date (Burns Night is 25th January)
  2. We’ll cook up some veggie haggis (a bit more acceptable), snack on some Scottish food to get us in the mood, and buy some whisky for the toasts.
  3. We’ll learn a bit of Scottish.

Now, I can’t tell you who to invite, but I can let you know that the Vegetarian Society have a good recipe on their website, and as for the lingo, Wikipedia have got just about all you need to know.

So, all the best wee bonnie bodys.  Jings!  Och! Ye hae a guid time noo!

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