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Your generosity has helped Ethical Superstore raise a huge amount for charity:

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  Charity name Donations in 2015
Disasters Emergency Committee logo Nepal appeal £2,797
Disasters Emergency Committee logo  Ebola Outbreak  £577
Trees for Life logo Carbon Offset: Trees for Life £7,029
Medecins sans Frontieres - Doctors Without Borders Medecins sans Frontieres £7,532
RSPCA logo RSPCA £1,075
Newcastle Food Bank Newcastle Food Bank £4,763
Amnesty International Amnesty International £1,078
Total of £18,553


Donating through the checkout

Making a donation with your order is easy, simply select a charity from the drop down menu in the Delivery Methods & Options page in the checkout and enter an amount below to make you donation. This will be added to your final total.
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There is also a quick and easy option to make a £1 donation to Trees for Life

Our Food Bank offer for 'Black Friday'

Newcastle Food Bank Donation With many retailers jumping on the bandwagon and trying to sell you end of line products you don’t need on ‘Black  Friday’ we thought we would try and do something more constructive.  With every order over £30 on Black Friday we donated a grocery product to the Newcastle West End Food Bank. Thanks to the efforts of our customers we sent over £1500 worth of food and essentials to the Food Bank in time for the difficult Christmas period.

Food bank usage has risen dramatically in the last few years, in 2015/15 1,084,604 people were given 3 days’ emergency food by Trussell trust foodbanks, in 2010/11 this was only 61,468.
For more information and to find out how you can help visit

Remember you can make a donation to the Newcastle West End Food Bank in our checkout and we’ll contribute a further 20%