Save Water, Save the Planet

‘Hosepipe Ban’ can be a dreaded phrase when summer comes round. Those in the South will be more used to living under that threat than the rest of us up North (we’re not often short of rain!), but we’re all certainly used to talk of water shortages and restricted hose pipe usage. Many people think of this as a major hardship, and as gardener myself I can see the grief of not being able to go outside and water the plants. However, if hosepipe bans do come into play again this summer, perhaps we should think of it as a prompt to think about water shortages across the world, rather than just worrying, quite literally, about our own back yards.

Next week is Water Saving Week, dedicated to making us all think a little more about water saving at work and at schools as well as at home. Plenty of people think about their carbon footprint and the energy used in the electrical devices these days, but how many people think about the energy used to heat the water that comes out of your tap, and then to treat waste water? Using water efficiently will keep your bills down too, so everyone’s a winner!

Our water saving top picks are perfect to help you save water, save energy, and save the planet.

The Hippo Toilet Water Saver is the simplest and cheapest way to save water at home or at work. Designed to conserve about 3 litres of water every single time your toilet is flushed, all you need to do is pop this bag in your toilet cistern and you’ll be saving around 10% of the water used in the average household.

The Eco Showerdrop Shower Meter is an ingenious yet simple device to encourage you to keep tabs on the amount of water you use in the shower, giving you a warning when 35 litres have been used. You may think this isn’t necessary, but statistics suggest that showering accounts for a third of the water used in the average home.

What better way to beat the hosepipe ban than to reuse your bath and shower water with the Bathwater Diverter Kit? Diverting water into a water butt, and saving it to use on your garden saves you money and reduces water wastage simultaneously, AND there aren’t rules against it at the height of summer!

For more water saving tips, check out our full selection of Water conservation products here »

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