Our Packaging

When you’re buying eco-friendly products on the internet, you always want to make sure they way they get to you is just as environmentally friendly. Of course there is never a perfect solution, there’s always going to be some downsides, but it’s all about deciding if the upsides are worth those downsides.

In terms of our packaging, we do tend to get a lot of questions about the eco-credentials of our packaging, because sometimes it’s not immediately obvious whether it’s biodegradable, recyclable or sustainably sourced. Unfortunately packaging is still expensive, especially eco-packaging, and this is a cost we don’t want to have to pass on to our customers.

As you know we try our utmost to be as environmentally friendly in our processes, but packaging can always be a bit tricky. We can’t use too little or products may not be adequately protected, so they can get damaged which then means a replacement will be sent out, which is harmful for the environment in terms of transport.

The packaging we do use does have its own eco-credentials, our cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials, we have a paper bubble wrap alternative, recycled corrugated roll, recycled packing tape and air-filled cushions made from recycled materials. Occasionally smaller parcels will be sent out in grey plastic bags which are recyclable with regular plastic carrier bags – usually supermarkets have stations for these. In many instances we will reuse the cardboard boxes that suppliers have sent to us to reduce the waste!

In some instances we will have to use regular bubble wrap – although it pains us to do so! We use it for particularly fragile items that just won’t be protected with any alternatives.

And, as we sell a huge range of products, you can end up getting a 5L Laundry Liquid in the same box as your chocolate bar, so it would need to be correctly protected!

Supplier Packaging

With some products we are quite restricted in that they already come packaged from our suppliers, and this may mean they are wrapped in bubble wrap, or plastic that is non recyclable or non-biodegradable. We think it’s a better idea to resend products out in this original packaging, rather than disposing of that packaging and re-wrapping in our own which just creates more waste! And you can get quite creative with this kind of packaging, you don’t need to just chuck it in the bin straight away – check out our pinterest for some ideas.

See our packaging page for more details, and if you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

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