Quick update

Not very much interesting news about today, so here’s a quick post about what’s happening on the blog.

If you take a look in the sidebar you’ll see there are a couple of new categories, and there are also a whole bunch of new links too. If you’re a green, ethical living blog, or you feel that we’ve missed you out, leave me a comment. Skinny buttons will be coming soon.

I’ve registered us with Technorati, and added story icons that link to the appropriate tag on Technorati. If you click on the How Ethical! logo on this post, you’ll see that it links to other recent posts about Ethical Living.

There’s also now a ping-o-matic that notifies a whole load of sites that we’ve got new content. Once I’ve figured out this WordPress malarky I’ll set it up as an option for authors and contributors to the site. Later this week we’ll have some links to some of our best sellers in the sidebar too.


Ben is our resident marketing monkey, and spends an unhealthy amount of time obsessing about keywords, ranking and other marketing voodoo.

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