Ethical Winter Skin Saviours

The days are bitterly cold, the heating is on full blast all night, winter is coming and it’s going to play havoc with our skin. From the cold harsh winds to the overheated rooms, Winter conditions will dry out your skin and hair so it’s important you look after yourself. Now I’m not pretending to be an expert in skin care, I’ve never been taught the importance of a skin care regime but I have experimented with a many different brands and products since I was a teenager and started to care about my skin a little bit more. I’ve done some research about skin care, particularly in Winter, so that you don’t have to, and I’ve picked out some great products from our skin care range so you can make some quick decisions about your regime and what you might need to add to keep your skin glowing.

1. Exfoliator
01-face-body-polishExfoliating any time of year is particularly important to remove impurities and dead skin cells that increase winter dryness and irritation. Rather than layering on heavy creams to re-hydrate dry skin cells, you should increase exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and then moisturise the new skin for softer, more hydrated skin. Faith In Nature Exfoliating Face & Body Polish is perfect because it is not too harsh on your skin, plus it is 100% paraben free which is especially good news for sensitive skin! It is enriched with organic calendula which restores and soothes your skin, ideal during the cold winter months. Of course this exfoliating body polish is absolutely cruelty free and suitable for vegans as well as being made in the UK so it’s great if you’re looking for an ethical exfoliator.

02-Protect-Cleanser2. Cleanser
Usually cleansing can dry out the skin, so during Winter it’s a good idea to switch to a cream cleanser that will moisturise your skin while removing make-up and impurities from your skin, particularly before bed so that pores do not get blocked overnight causing break outs. For winter a could cleanser to use is Nourish Protect Refreshing Cleanser – Orange & Mandarin because it contains a unique blend of antioxidants to replenish, smooth and firm dry skin. The cream cleanser is certified 94% organic and free from any harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin, absolutely perfect for winter. The cleanser is also suitable for use by vegans as it is not tested on animals.

3. Day Cream
03-yes-to-carrots-rich-day-cream-1I shouldn’t need to remind you about the need for moisturising, it keeps your skin hydrated for the day which is especially necessary in winter when the cold weather coupled with heated rooms can really dry out our skin. Yes To Carrots Rich Day Cream uses natural organic ingredients like carrots and sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturise your skin and is completely paraben free so even those with the most sensitive skin can use it without any irritation. It’s perfect for the ethically conscious because it’s not tested on animals.

4. Night Cream
04-Dreamy Youth-webUntil recently I never understood the need for a night cream, in fact I only started using it in the last couple of weeks. A night cream is slightly heavier than a regular moisturiser and is wonderful for keeping your skin hydrated while helping to clarify and replenish. Most night creams have anti-aging properties too, such as this Pacifica Face Cream which is enriched with Demascus Rose Leaf Extract to help keep skin appear firmer and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains sunflower oil to aid in the prevention of premature signs of aging along with coconut oil with is an excellent skin balancer. Of course Pacifica products are not tested on animals and suitable for vegans, so let this moisturising night cream hydrate your skin overnight.

5. Hand Cream
05-barefoot-sos-barrier-hand-creamHard-working hands need extra protection during the Winter, it’s easy for them to get dry and cracked due to the cold, and let’s face it our hands are always cold in winter no matter how hard you try to warm up. To prevent your hands becoming too dry use a nourishing hand cream like Barefoot Botanicals S.O.S Barrier Hand Cream, small enough to carry around in your bag and great for sensitive skin. Made with organic ingredients and enriched with lavender and frankincense essential oils to sooth and restore skin texture while strengthening nails as an added bonus. This cream is free from animal testing and suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

6. Lip Balm
06-Beeswax-Lip-BalmSore lips are not my friend. As much as I love Winter I hate having dry chapped lips, it can really ruin my mood. You should definitely steer clear of licking your lips if they feel dry when it’s cold because it just causes your lips to chap more. Instead make sure you keep a lip balm handy in your bag or pocket, they really make a difference! I recommend Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, a beeswax lip balm enriched with Vitamin E and Peppermint that will nourish, condition and soften lips while sealing in moisture. Made with natural ingredients and with a recycled plastic tube this is perfect for the ethically conscious. If you’d prefer to use a beeswax free lip balm that is suitable for vegetarians I would suggest Fair Squared Organic Lip Balm, available in four different flavours made with Fair Trade and Organic ingredients.

7. Face Mask
07-antipodes-aura-manuka-honey-maskI’ve always been a facemask junkie, well at least since I discovered them at about age 14. These days I particularly love face masks that are made with organic and natural ingredients like the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. It’s an intensely hydrating mask that’s perfect to use during the winter, containing Manuka Honey for a cleansing and moisturising antioxidising treatment. One of my favourite things about this mask is that it stays moist rather than drying on your skin so it’s not uncomfortable to leave on while you relax. Antipodes products are not tested on animals and are made with organic ingredients, plus they are approved by the vegetarian society – what’s not to love?!

8. Facial Oil
08-NOURISH-ARGAN-SKIN-RESCUE-BOXA facial oil or serum is essential during winter because your skin dries out due to the overused central heating and a serum can restore that moisture. Many facial oils also have anti-aging properties, such as this Nourish Argan Skin Rescue, a cruelty free vegan facial serum with active ingredients that combat the formation of wrinkles by strengthening the protein bonding structures. As well as deeply nourishing and renewing the skin, it neutralises harmful free radicals, reducing blotchiness and scarring often associated with injury, acne, eczema and psoriasis. As an added bonus this face serum from Nourish is made in the UK with 90% organic ingredients.

9. Body Lotion
09-green-people-body-butterIt’s not only your face that needs extra treatment in winter though, the cold weather affects your whole body. Keep it smooth and nourished with Green People Body Butter, an organic and paraben free lotion that seals in moisture and creates a protective barrier to allow dry or cracked skin to recover. It’s made with pomegranate, rosehip & coconut which give it a delicious scent so you’ll enjoy using it!

10. Hair
10-Tiana-Argan-coconut-intensive-hair-treatmentLast but not least remember to give your hair extra treatment this Winter. Personally my hair gets extra dry from being out in the cold and then coming into an overheated room, there is little chance for it to get moisture, and washing it every day is more damaging. Try this Tiana Argan Coconut Intensive Hair Treatment, it’s fair trade, vegan and made with natural organic ingredients specially formulated to repair damaged hair with coconut oil and butters combined with virgin argan oil from Morocco. All you need to do is take a small amount and soften in your hands before running through your hair, paying particular attention to the ends to get beautiful, manageable and hydrated hair.

Egyptian Magic
And don’t forget to check out Egyptian Magic, an all-purpose, cruelty free skin cream made with six ingredients – Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis. It can be used as a face cream, an eye gel, a hair mask, baby cream, shaving balm, an eye makeup remover and even a remedy for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Intensely hydrating and free from any irritants, it’s really a perfect product – I love it anyway! If you want more information, have a look here!

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