Top 10 Ethical Christmas Toys

Today we are bombarded with so many different types of toys that it is difficult to know what is the right one, and even harder to find toys with ethical credentials. Have a look at our own top 10 list of ethical toys that are guaranteed to put a smile on your little one’s face this Christmas, and they won’t cost the earth.

Waste-Not Animal Kits

Designed for ages 8+ these Waste-Not Animal kits are a great way to teach your children about recycling while they are having fun. Made by eeboo, these kits include everything you need to make either a fox or chameleon, all you need is a 20oz (500ml) plastic bottle and you’ll have our own animal toy in no time. They are also great for keeping your children creative as they have to make the toys themselves (with adult supervision!) by following the instructions using the pre-cut felt pieces, cotton sock, plastic needle, thread, trims and notions that are all included.

Red Bus

Children can play for hours with this Fair Trade Red Double Decker Bus, making stories for the 24 passengers included along with the bus driver. With a removable lid and top floor, the bus is guaranteed to amuse your little ones, it even has turning wheels so you can actually drive it about! The bus is made at Gospel House, a Fair Trade project in Sri Lanka, from Eucalyptus, while the passengers come in 12 different designs and are made from alstonia wood. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Crocheted Turtle Rattle

This handmade crocheted turtle rattle is ideal for a new baby this Christmas, brightly coloured and made from soft Fair Trade cotton on the outside with a polyester filling. It’s perfect for entertaining tiny babies, available in green or pink depending on your preference.

I Can Design My Own Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow BF

With heroes and heroines like Hawkeye, Legolas, Katniss Everdeen and Merida children will be dying to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, and you can get them started with a Design My Own Bow and Arrow kit from Seedling. Not only will they have hours of fun, it will also boost their creativity in a safe and imaginative setting – plus they’ll learn archery which is really cool! The kit contains acrylic paints, a paint brush, leather string, wooden arrows, wooden bow, wooden target, beads and instructions and is recommended for ages 6+. Seedling have produced a range of create your own kits if archery isn’t your thing.

Fairytale Wooden Doll House

An ethical alternative to dollhouses you’ll find on the high street, made from FSC certified wood so while your children’s creativity blossoms, they can learn about the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle at the same time. The dollhouse comes with everything you need to make imaginative and creative stories, including two wooden dolls, trees, a welcome sign, table and chairs, sofa, fence and a front opening facia with lift-off roof for easy access. EverEarth is the only toy manufacturer to own an FSC Certified forest, so with every toy that is bought a tree will be planted in their forest.

I never Forget a Face Matching Game

An updated version of a classic memory game to include images of 24 smiling faces from around the world. I Never Forget a Face Matching Game is suitable for ages 5+ this game is great for children’s development as well as promoting discussions of different cultures and traditions – plus it’s really fun! The award winning game is made from 90% recycled grey board and printed with soy based inks so it’s good for the environment and kind to little fingers.

T3 Solar Transforming Robot

The perfect toy for inquisitive kids especially if they’re interested in science, the T3 Solar Transforming Robot is a built-it-yourself toy that can transform into three different shapes; the robot, the rolling tank or the crawling scorpion. It uses solar technology to move and the panel can be charged with direct sunlight or a 50w+ halogen bulb, so you can let it roam around at any time of year while learning the benefits of solar power.

Salt Water Motor Cycle

Another educational and fun gift comes in the form of the Salt Water Motorcycle, an environmentally friendly fuel cell bike. Once you’ve built the motorcycle and added salt water it will ride around with spinning wheels for around 7-8 minutes before it will need refilling. The toy bike is powered by a chemical reaction with saline, metal and water and it is made with environmentally friendly materials containing no toxic substances or chemicals, an ethical alternative to high street toy cars.

Mustang Dynamo Race Track

The ethical alternative to a battery powered racing set, the Mustang Dynamo Racing Set from PowerPlus is powered by energy produced by you. All you have to do is connect the hand generators into the track, place the racing cars into their slots, start rotating the hand generator and watch them race! A much more environmentally friendly gift for your children this Christmas, and teach them about renewable energy at the same time!

Rocket Playhouse

Fly to the moon, land on a comet, boldly go where no man has gone before! The possibilities are endless for an imaginative child with this environmentally friendly Space Rocket Playhouse made from sustainably sourced cardboard that is recyclable and biodegradable. The hand illustrated play house is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it can be folded away for easy storage, it’s the perfect gift for a budding astronaut this Christmas.

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