Make Your Own Drinks With Kilner

An ethical Christmas isn’t complete without some homemade gifts, so we thought you might like some gorgeous home preserving kits from Kilner so you can make your own jams and chutneys, and even decorate the jars yourself! New from Kilner we have a great range of Drink Works kits, so you can make your own Lager, Red Wine or White Wine which will make an ideal gift for a loved one this Christmas.

You’ve probably heard of Kilner, or at least you will know the famous Kilner jar originally invented in the late 1840s by John Kilner at the Kilner Glass Works in Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury. It has a distinctive style with a rubber seal, originally with glass lid which fitted over the top of the jar secured with a metal screw band although newer models either have a clip top glass lid or a two-part metal screw top lid. The jars have traditionally been used for home preserving, for example making your own jam which gives you so much more freedom when it comes to flavours and consistency.

kilnder wine kitI want to concentrate on the Drink Works kits because I think they are perfect if you’re struggling to think of a gift that is simple yet still says ‘I care about you’. Making your own gifts shows that you are willing to put in your time and effort, and if that doesn’t mean you love someone then I don’t know what does! We currently have on offer Make Your Own Lager, Make Your Own Pinot Grigio and Make Your Own Cabernet Sauvignon kits which come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions so you don’t have to be an experienced home brewer to make a refreshing brew.

As well as being an unusual gift, a homemade bottle of wine or lager is much more cost effective than buying one from the supermarket, with wine working out at just over £3 a bottle, and you can buy a 750ml recycled glass bottle and swing top from Kilner to complete the gift. Because Kilner source only the highest quality grapes from Italy, you know you are getting excellence, with perfect textures and superior flavours to regular store bought wine. The kits are also great for a Christmas party, the perfect way to impress your guests, treating them to something unique and delicious!

The kits contain all of the ingredients you need, all you have to do is add water and in as little as four weeks you’ll be a proud home brewer! Have a look at Kilner’s Youtube Channel for more information and ideas!

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