A New Year’s Resolution from Vivien Johnston of Fifi Bijoux

The founder, designer and director of Fifi Bijoux, Vivien Johnston, is a leading light in the world of ethical jewellery production – she believes in setting a gold standard through her choice of Fairly Trading suppliers and the eco-friendly and sustainable manner of production. What’s all the more significant is that she’s been creating such a stir that in recent months she’s been invited to speak with and spread her wisdom to some of the biggest names in the gold and diamond mining industry. Fifi Bijoux is working on getting the word out on ethical jewellery production; how it should be done and the undeniably beneficial consequences. In this post Vivien writes about her  experiences during 2008 and what’s been happening in the world of ethical jewellery.

“This New Year, my resolution is to find those little spaces in the hectic pace of life. Those moments when you feel nothing but sheer delight and catch precious times with friends from afar or family you wish you could see more of.”

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“In 2008, I’ve met the most fabulous, incredible people who have stunned and inspired me. Johnny, for example, a former African child soldier, now re-habilited and as an adult coordinating small scale mines which help improve the lives of others. Then there’s Margaret, the director of the Entebbe Women’s Association in Uganda, now also the coordinator for the funds raised from Fifi Bijoux ‘From Little Acorns’ programme for children orphaned by HIV in the mining community.”

“I have travelled to Brazil this year, and learned to Samba (under the patient tuition of the miners there, who told me their stories as they corrected my European sense of rhythm). I went from there to Geneva, to take part in ‘L’or et Ethique: Duo Impossible’ where I presented Fifi Bijoux at Geneva’s first ethical fashion event.”

“The awareness of the possibilities for positive change ethical jewellery can bring is growing steadily, so when EthicalSuperstore.com invited me to create an exclusive design, I was thrilled.”

The Fifi Bijoux Butterfly pendant necklace

“This Fifi Bijoux Butterfly Pendant Necklace represents those little moments of serenity among the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our Butterfly wants to remind you to capture each moment, to take time to see beauty and to continue to strive for your ideals. It flutters onto a 16” chain (or makes a perfect gift for someone whose spirits you’d like to lift).”

“Exclusive to Ethical Superstore, the Fifi Bijoux Butterfly Pendant Necklace is a little harbinger of spring and I hope it brings you the same delight of new possibilities and tranquillity that I enjoyed whilst designing it!”

Vivien xxx

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