Two Weeks to Go

So just 2 weeks to go until Easter and the “eat only stuff I can buy at” has been going pretty well. I am now a total convert to having a vegetable box delivered every week. I love the serendipity of opening the box to see what we are going to be eating this week – healthy soups, stir frys and casseroles are now the order of the day.

However, my unblemished record has been a bit tarnished in the last 10 days. Ethical Superstore was nominated in the Emerging Retailer category at the Retail Week Awards. I had to go down for the plush event with 2000 guests in my bow tie and dress suit. Having paid £400 (how can that be justified???) I decided I’d better eat the food and as far as I know the Grosvenor House hotel doesn’t buy its food from us. The event was pretty good fun – Jimmy Carr was very entertaining . . . but we didn’t win.

next week I'm trying this

next week I'm trying this...

The big new finds in the range mainly revolve around puddings. Puddings are always a bit of problem in our range – yoghurts and the like don’t have enough shelf life for us to consider. However the Provamel range of desserts in a pot are very tasty – especially the caramel flavoured one. I remember serving these to our kids years ago and thinking they were for kids – but they actually taste pretty good. Highly recommended. Next on the list to try is the Provamel Custard.

So with just two weeks to go I think I may actually make it through to Easter Sunday. Our range has so many products, I have still hardly scratched the surface of what we sell. If we just sold a few chilled products like milk and margarine I’d be tempted to make this change permanent…

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